Mom and kids kill 2 for jewellery worth Dh735

A family of four in Egypt is accused of killing an aged woman and a young girl with the intention of stealing gold jewellery.

The suspects were arrested when a 75-year-old woman was reported missing by her son in Luxor governorate of Egypt.

Police officials found the body dumped in a canal in Al Baghdadi village. As cops were investigating the case, they were alerted of a seven-year-old-girl’s body abandoned in the same canal, reported Al Youm Al Sabea'a.

Officials found similarities in the method of crime in both cases, and this led them to the suspects.

Investigating officers followed clues and confronted a family of four. A mother, 47; her daughter,27; her son,14; and her step-son, AM, 33, – who has a criminal record.

They admitted to killing both the victims for their gold ear rings. They confessed that they tied the aged woman by tying her with a rope first and then strangulating her to death. AM allegedly sold the gold ear rings and shared $200 (Dh735) among the four.

They have been referred to the Public Prosecution.

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