Old woman dies praying after dream

An 80-year-old Saudi woman died while praying in Makkah after she was told in a dream that she must go on pilgrimage, a local daily said Monday.

Jazwa bint Mohammed Al Harbi told her sons that she must perform umra (mini pilgrimage) in Makkah, Islam’s holiest shrine, after she saw someone in her dream telling her that she should go to the holy city, Kabar said.

On the woman’s insistence, her sons agreed to take her from their village near the western town of Jeddah to Makkah to fulfill her dream, the paper said.

“In Makkah, they escorted her to all holy sites and helped her perform Umra as the place was overcrowded,” the paper said.

“Then she asked them if she could have a brief prayers at the Prophet’s (PBUH) mosque…she knelt and went down on her face for the prayers but she did not get up again…worried by the delay, her sons tried to move her but she did not move…she was already dead.”


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