Woman has twins after 15 years of marriage

A Saudi woman gave birth to twin boys 15 years after she married and her husband said it was the best news in his life.

The couple had been through a weary treatment trip through many Saudi hospitals before the woman became pregnant and delivered in the ninth month of her pregnancy, a newspaper said.

"After waiting for nearly 15 years, the man and his wife got twin boys at a hospital in Riyadh,” Sharq Arabic language daily.

It quoted the husband, Abdul Majeed, as saying:”It was the best news I have heard in my life….My wife Noura and I had patiently waited for 15 years and had never give up hope that God the Almighty will reward us.”

Saudi disappears from village

A 20-year-old Saudi man finished his evening prayers and headed for the little grocery in his tiny village in the Gulf kingdom but never returned home.

Ali Mohammed Asiri told his friends he was going to the shop then heading back home after their evening prayers in southern Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.

“He came home first then went to the shop to buy some items for the house,” said his uncle, Yehya Asiri.

“We are still waiting for his return…he just disappeared and police are still searching for him…he was not at odds with any one.”

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