Weird things people leave behind in hotels!

Wallets, books and pens are some of the most common things people tend to leave behind in hotels.

But according to a survey conducted by last minute people have also left behind their wives, mother and even snails in their hotel rooms, reported.

In a hotel room in Budapest one of the guests had left behind snails while a person found a US hotel th safest place to hide $10,000.

Hotel staff in Washington, US, were startled to discover a live snake in a room.

But forgetting pets is not all, visitors have also forgotten their family members in hotels.

One man left his wife in Prague another went away forgetting his own mother who had accompanied him.

Dog is a man’s best friend but a guest left this companion behind in Milan. Another forgot a wedding dress and simply imagine a policeman who has no clue that his gun was still at the hotel .

The survey was conducted in over 500 hotels across the world.


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