5-year-old girl is the youngest victim of Costa Concordia disaster

Father-daughter duo failed to make it safely ashore from the ill-fated cruise ship

Dyana Arlotti, 5 and her father are among the 29 passengers who failed it make it ashore. The father and daughter duo had boarded the ill-fated cruise liner along with the father's partner.

Dyana is the youngest victim of the Costa Concordia disaster, said Daily Mail.

The girl's distraught mother tried calling on her ex-husband's mobile phone upon receiving the news back home but without any success.

The little girl's parents were divorced and the father-daughter duo have been on cruise earlier as the little girl used to enjoy those trips with her father. Dyana was happy when she left, the inconsolable mother told the daily.

Maroncelli, 32, who was accompanying the father and daughter on the cruise, lost her partner in the chaos that followed the ship's sinking. She feels the father and daughter were separated in the confusion. She last saw her partner alive when she was boarding a life boat.


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