Bizarre: Woman gets bug with breast implant

Woman's Asian Games winner is a man

A woman from Mumbai, India, who had undergone breast implant surgery in 2009 is allegedly suffering from MRSA infection. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is one of the most potent superbugs or bacteria resistant to antibiotics, reported Times of India.

The 30-year-old mother felt pain in her right breast which was double the size of her left one. Six months after the surgery she began experiencing firmness and it worsened after she started breastfeeding her newborn. That's when an MRI scan revealed her worst fears.

Her implants have been removed now and luckily her child is not infected.

Woman's Asian Games winner is a man

India's Pinki Pramanik competes in the women's 400m finals at the 15th Asian Games in Doha December 10, 2006. (REUTERS)

Pinki Pramanik, an 2006 Asian Games gold medallist in women's 4x400m relay is accused of rape.

The woman who levelled the charges against her also claims the athelete is a man, according to a report in The Indian Express.

Pramanik has been arrested following the complaint. Cops have moved the courts to conduct a gender test.

Boy with long tongue asked to leave school

Mohammed Hanan, a 4-year-old boy was asked to leave school because officials were uncomfortable with his long tongue.

Teachers of the school in a village in Maharashtra where the little boy took admissions just a couple of days before summoned his parents and said that "Your child's long tongue disturbs other children," reported Times of India.

The parents were asked to home school their child for two years. While the kid's mom says her boy is as normal as any other kid and speaks normally, too.

However, after the block education officer inetrvened the boy was readmitted.

Schoolboy stabs 26... classmates tested for HIV

A teenage schoolboy has been arrested after he stabbed 26 pupils in the ehad and necck with a useed needle.

According to a 'Daily Mail'  report, the 14-year-old went on a rampage in  Toot Hill School, in Bingham, Notts and the victims are being tested for HIV and Hepatitis.

Police say the boy was allegedlyplaying a game, when he went pricking classmates. He has been suspended.


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