Crazy World: 3-year-old 'raped', head crushed

Also: Costly 'touching' of child's body

Three men have been arrested for allegedly raping and killing a three-year-old girl. According to a Times of India, report the child went missing in Indore, India, on Saturday.

Two days later, her body was found in a sewage canal.

Her head was reportedly crushed and police found blood-stained stones nearby.

Costly 'touching' of child's body

A criminal court in Fujairah sentenced an Asian grocer to six months in jail and ordered his deportation from the UAE after he was convicted of touching the body of an eight-year-old girl inside his shop.

The man had been accused of molesting the girl but he denied the charge, saying he did touch her body “unintentionally.”

The girl’s father had reported the grocer to the police after his daughter told him that the man caressed parts of her body while she was inside his shop to buy sweets, according to the Arabic language daily 'Al Khaleej'.

Grandma chops off baby's hands

An eight-month-old baby in China has had both her hands chopped off by her grandmother.

According to a 'Daily Mail' report, the baby is in coma. However, doctors managed to re-attach them after a gruelling 12-hour operation.

The grandma cut her herself too in an attempt to commit suicide.

The old woman was taking care of the baby while her parents went to work. The little one's mother returned home to find her baby in a pool of blood and rushed her to the hospital.

Coma patient wakes up after 10 months on girlfriend's call

A man who was in coma for 10 long months woke up on hearing his girlfriend's voice over the phone.

According to a 'Daily Mail' report, 31-year-old Mathew Taylor in South Derbyshire slipped into coma following a devastating mortorcycle crash. He was not responding to treatment. But when his fiancee called early this month a tear trickled down his cheek.

He made amazing progress after his fiancee flew down to spend time with him. Earlier, She had to return to Bali as her visa expired.

Taylor had suffered a fractured skull. He even had his eye socket rebuilt before getting into a vegetative state. Now he whispers and moves his limbs.

Electric shock to brain can stop bing eating

At last a new treatment to check obesity? A shot of electricity into the brain can stop people from binge eating, claim scientists.

A University of Pennsylvania say deep brain stimulation may reduce the desire to eat, reported 'Daily Mail'.

The procedure, they say, is not painful and does not destroy any part of the brain either.

Tests conducted on mice showed a reduced desire to over-eat and researchers believe it could have the same effect on humans.

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