Crazy World: Girls fined for wearing jeans

Plus: Man lends head for ad space; Growing popularity of divorce dailies...

INDIA: Four college girls in Haryana's Rohtak were shocked when they were fined Rs100 (approx Dh7) for wearing jeans and t-shirt.

The college authorities defended their action by claiming that the students had flouted the dress code which had been in place since 1970, according to reports in the Indian media.

The principal was quoted by The Times of India as saying: "The college management has implemented a dress code for students and staff. The girls must wear white salwar kameez on every Monday and any colour salwar kameez rest of the days. The women staff must come dressed in saris, while formal trousers and shirt is the dress code for the male staff. With the changing time, we have allowed the girls to wear jeans paired with long kurta, but these girls were wearing T-shirts."

The college also wanted to maintain the decorum even though the students have opposed the ancient dress code and have opposed it several times in the last few years. 

Divorce newspapers grow in popularity

JAPAN: Divorce newspaper is an easy way to let family and friends know that a marriage is over. No wonder the divorce newspaper, started by a Japanese divorce guru, is growing more popular day by day.

The resourceful Japanese have come up with an ingenious solution to the awkward issue of explaining to all and sundry (separately) that the individual has gotten a divorce, reports Oddity Central.

The divorce guru came up with this whacky idea when he heard several divorcees lamenting over the unfortunate task of having to tell everyone they know in person about their failed marriage, and wishing there was a quicker way to do it.

Although social networks such as Facebook and Twitter do have their uses, but the guru says that 80-year-old grandmas do not usually use social media so wouldn't be aware of any change in status. 

Bald Billboard: Man uses head for advertising space

US: A 27-year-old in Texas came up with a brilliant idea of letting out his head space (literally) to advertisers for $320 per day.

He named his service 'Bald Logo' and he is ready to go around Austin in Texas with the logo emblazoned on his bald head as long as the advertiser is ready to shell out $320 per day, according to media reports.

The man has used his premature bald state to excellent use and has been flooded with queries from interested advertisers ever since he launched the business about a month ago.

The entrepreneur and his team have almost perfected the art of making the tattoos withstand any weather conditions. While the company currently has three bald billboards or 'angelicals' as the owner prefers to call them, but he has ambitious plans for his business and plans to expand to other cities once the concept of walking advertising spaces takes off in Austin.


Woman's implants helps survive gunshots

CANADA: A woman who was fired at from close range with a 9mm handgun survived the attack as the bullet grazed her right arm and went through her breast implants before exiting through her left forearm.

The false plates took the brunt of the bullet force and saved her life even though they deflated her 'boosted' assets, reports ANI.

The Canadian woman told the court during her trial that had it not been for the surgical implants, she would not have survived when her ex-boyfriend shot at her. 

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