Crazy World: Woman want sex change at age of 75

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This person was born a boy. Then chose to become a girl and now the person wants to return to being a man.

At 75 years of age and having lived almost four decades as a woman, Gary Norton, regrets having gone for a sex change.
The pensioner says the sex change was a “huge mistake”, according to She had undergone a complete male to female gender reassignment when she was 23 years old.
But now she feels she is “trapped in the wrong body” and has discarded her wardrobe and is on the waiting for a mastectomy.
Norton’s life has been, indeed, rough. When she chose to become a woman, Gary had estranged from his former wife and children and even rechristened himself as Gillian.

7-year-old girl among the youngest to use medical marijuana
A desperate mother in a bid to ease the pain of her child administered medical marijuana.
The seven-year-old girl, from Portland, Oregon,is suffering from leukemia and is one of the youngest patients using medical marijuana, according to a Daily Mail report.
The mother and the mother’s boyfriend give her the medical marijuana every day, to “help her overcome the side effects of chemotherapy”.
Mykayla Comstock said that the drug helps her eat and sleep better. “It makes me more energetic and happy so I can play. It also helps me eat and sleep better.”
However, her father, who is divorced from her mother, worries about the effects of the drug on her brain development.
The concerned father, Jesse Comstock, 26, contacted child welfare officials, the police and his daughter’s oncologist. He said his concerns were prompted by a visit with Mykayla in August. "She was stoned out of her mind," Comstock said.

"She is not terminally ill, she’ll get through this, and with all this pot it will hinder her brain growth,” Comstock said.

Woman rakes up Dh385,696 in parking fines

A woman in Chicago has piled up $105,000 (Dh385,696) in parking fines on a car that she claims she does not own.
Her boyfriend ahd bought a car from her uncle in 2008 and had it registered it in er name without his knowledge.
And when they broke-up three years ago he had abandoned the vehicle at the airport.
Now she is slapped with the massive fines and claims officials have allegedly suspended her driving licence.
She has decided to sue her ex-boyfriend.

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