Dentist gasses, molests teen patients

Also: B'day boy sets pal on fire during party... and more

SYDNEY: It has recently come to light that a 76-year-old dentist used to sexually assault teen girls who frequented his dental clinic about three decades ago.
He has finally been charged for his assault on suspecting, young patients.
He allegedly used anaestesia on his patients in the 1970s and 1980s to put them out and then he would sexually assault them, reports Australian news agency AAP.
Three alleged victims, who were aged between 12 and 14 when the attacks are said to have taken place, complained to police in August 2011.
The old dentist has been charged on 11 counts of indecent acts.
Man rips out friend's heart, tongue
CRESCENT CITY: A martial art expert ripped out his friend's heart and cut out his tongue while he was in an intoxicated state.
Jarrod Wyatt pleaded guilty to first-degree murder involving mayhem in the March 21, 2010, death of his sparring partner, 21-year-old Taylor Powell, prosecutors said.
According to court records, by the time the police reached the scene of the crime, the victim's chest was cut open and his heart, tongue as well as the skin on his face were gone.
The authorities found the victim's heart in a wood-burning stove in a charred condition.
According to the post-mortem report, the victim's organs were removed from his body while he was alive.
Witnesses say the two had ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms before the attack and believed they were involved in a struggle.
Although the accused initially pleaded that he had gone insane, psychiatrists ruled that he was stable enough to stand trial.
The accused has entered into a plea deal according to which he would serve 50 years in jail and his case is not even likely to come up for parole before 2062.
He is scheduled for official sentencing on October 4.
B'day boy sets pal on fire during party
NEW ZEALAND: A boy who celebrated his 17th birthday by setting his friend ablaze has blamed a television show for his action.

Hayden Calder was a guest at Matt-Dillon Shannon's 17th birthday party in Hastings, New Zealand, last year when he was severely burned, Fairfax NZ reports.

The birthday boy poured a small glass of petrol over his friend. The accused claimed that he was inspired by the television show Jackass. He assumed that such a small amount of fuel would not do any major harm and his friend would be able to put it out immediately.

However, the victim claimed that the birthday boy poured almost a can of petrol over him and set him on fire. He also said that his friend was high on alcohol, while he was completely sober as he was still recovering from an illness.

He begged his friend not to do it when he realised that his friend had doused him with petrol.

The victim who is admitted into a hospital is fighting for his life in intensive care.

Stowaway's body falls from plane on street

LONDON: A man from North Africa who had stowed away on a plane fell to his death on a London street as the plane was probably preparing to land.

Experts say that the man had probably died even before he fell thousands of metres below given the freezing conditions up there when the plane was flying. Temperatures during the flight often drop to minus 40C, an aviation official told Daily Mail.

There would have been very slim chances of survival, especially in the recess of the landing gear where he could have likely been crushed to death shortly after take-off, the daily quoted the official.

Bicyclist dies during race

US: A bicyclist competing in a race from Logan, Utah, to Jackson Hole, Wyo., crashed on a bridge in Wyoming and fell about 35 feet to his death into the Snake River.
Authorities said 42-year-old Robert Verhaaren, of Mesa, Ariz., was participating in the annual LOTOJA race when he swerved to avoid a pothole and crashed on Highway 89 about eight miles from the finish line Saturday afternoon.
Race spokesman Dave Bern said the 206-mile race also was marred by serious accidents in Idaho and Wyoming that sent two bicyclists to the hospital and by flat tyres experienced by roughly 200 cyclists early on.
He said it was the first fatality in the race's 30-year history.
It's billed as the longest one-day bicycle race in the country sanctioned by USA Cycling.(AP)

Boy, 12, dies after swing set topples

MICHIGAN: Authorities say a 12-year-old mid-Michigan boy has died when a swing set in his yard toppled onto him.

The Lansing State Journal reports that Wayland Baker was playing in his yard Saturday evening in Eaton County's Oneida Township, about 10 miles west of Lansing, when the swing set fell.

Eaton County Undersheriff Fred McPhail says the base of the swing set had apparently rusted. The child was taken to an area hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Wayland attended Hayes Middle School. (AP)

Grandma gives birth to her own grandchild

CHICAGO: Setting foot in a hospital again, Emily and Mike Jordan couldn't help but feel anxious.

More than two years ago, at age 29, Emily had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. But just before she was to undergo a radical hysterectomy, she was told that she was pregnant. Faced with saving her own life or their unborn child's, the young couple made the excruciating decision to go forward with her surgery. It meant losing the baby, and forfeiting any chance at having their own children.

Or so they thought.

"I can't describe what that was like after finding out you have cancer, after finding out your chance of ever carrying a baby is gone," Emily says, still stammering at times as she recounts that painful day in 2010.

Simply put, her body no longer had a place where a baby could grow.

But now, more than two years later, she and Mike had come from their suburban Chicago home to the labour and delivery department of a downtown hospital to realise the dream they thought was lost - to become parents, though not the way they, or most people, would have imagined.

Alongside them that day was Emily's mother, Cindy Reutzel - a fit, silver-haired 53-year-old grandmother whose profile revealed a round belly, a pregnant belly.

Reutzel was about to give birth to her own grandchild. (AP)

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