Ten year old girl gives birth

Screaming with excruciating stomach pain, a 10 year old with a huge potbelly entered a Columbian hospital. Soon she gave birth to a five and – a half pound baby.

Reports say that this was her first visit to the hospital from the time she conceived.

The little girl who barely has any knowledge of motherhood refuses to breastfeed her child. Not much is known about the mother either. According to Reports she belongs to the Wayuu tribe.

However, this is not the first time the hospital staff are seeing a case of this sort.

Last year, a 10-year old Mexican girl gave birth to a baby boy and in another case a 11-year–old had a baby girl.

Abortions are illegal in Columbia unless it poses a threat to the mother’s life, affects her or the baby’s health.  

(Home page image courtesy Shutterstock)


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