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Adco-Opco to phase out use of plastic bags

Usage of plastic bags is already being monitored. (FILE)

In line with its environmental conservation efforts, the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) has embarked on a new initiative aimed at phasing out the use of plastic bags in company facilities.

According to Chief Executive Officer Ali Rashid Al-Jarwan, a multi-faceted strategy to replace all non-biodegradable plastic bags by the end of 2010 will be adopted.

"We are fully aware of the environmental hazards posed by non-biodegradable plastic bags. The alarming figures shown by studies about the consumption of plastic bags are causing concern not only to environmentalists but to all of us in various types of businesses and we have to do something about it," Al-Jarwan said, adding that the move comes in line with the UAE government's decision to ban all non-biodegradable plastic bags in the country by
January 1, 2013.

He said a recent in-house study conducted by the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance Division revealed that the company consumes over 160kg of different types of domestic plastic bags as an average daily, which translated to more than 58 tonnes per year.

"Hence as part of our commitment to the environment and wildlife, we have decided to address this issue seriously before the country's law is implemented." Under the new corporate strategy, all non-biodegradable plastic bags used in company business activities will be replaced with oxo-biodegradable type by not later that December 31, 2010.

Starting immediately, purchasers and consumers of all types of plastic bags in the company will be required to monitor consumption on an ongoing basis.
Each operational site of the company will set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with the aim of reducing their plastic bags consumption even after the phasing out of the non-biodegradable type.

All internal consumers are requested to set up an implementation plan. A periodical monitoring mechanism will be established.

A pan-company awareness campaign will be launched to ensure compliance with the new move and help the employees not only to apply this at their workplace but at their homes too.