3DS is Nintendo's most succesful UK launch ever

A man tries out a Nintendo 3DS which displays graphics in 3D without the use of 3D glasses. (AFP)

The Wii sold 105,000 units in the same time period and the DS around 87,000.

With nay sayers doubting that people would be on board for the 3D experience, or stating that folk wouldn't be prepared to fork out around £200 for a handheld device - Nintendo will surely be delighted with the UK figures.

The launch is also bigger than the DS' in North America, and in Europe it shifted 303,000 units. In Nintendo's homeland it sold its entire allotment of 400,000 Nintendo 3DS machines during the February 2011 release month.

Nintendo UK marketing manager James Honeywell had stated that the company expected to sell "comfortably over 150,000, if not more like 200,000 3DS consoles in Britain last week, based on confirmed pre-orders of 140,000.

The number is still a little short of the 185,000 units that Sony's PSP managed during its launch window in 2005 though.

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