China’s cool but copycat cars... BMW 7 series now

Video: Have a look at China’s cool but copycat cars

Imitation, they say, is the best form of flattery. China, then, has to be the most flattering country in the world – for, its ‘Shanzhai’ products, or fake goods that you and me know them as, have a wide range, including fake Rolexes and imitation Prada bags to BMW 7 series replicas now.

Chinese carmakers have been on a production binge of late, rolling newer models almost every week. How do they do that when the best of designers and engineers in Germany, North America and Japan take ages to come out with a new model? Simple: the imitation tsars in China don’t use engineers to build their cars – they use reverse-engineers!

Yes, reverse-engineering car models right down to the design and even the logo at times seems to be new buzzword with some of China’s automakers, with a number of auto models displayed at the recent 2012 Beijing Auto Show looking like a cut-and-paste job of models that belong elsewhere.

While not all Chinese carmakers follow the copycat route, this YouTube video published by ( shows that there are quite a few of them actually doing that.


Have a look and decide for yourself: 

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