Fly London to Sydney in just four hours

Super-sonic jet to be unveiled at Farnborough air show

In an era where everything is required moves at lightning fast speeds, American aircraft builders are attempting to build a supersonic jet which will take its travelers from London to Sydney in just a span of four hours.

Nasa space agency has stepped forward to help built the first ever supersonic aircraft.

However, taking the lead in the race to build this jet are: Boeing, Lokheed Martin and Gulfstream.

According to a report in the Sunday Times, the supersonic aircraft will be a successor to Concorde, which will be the first commercial passenger airline of its kind commercial

Today when time is money, this jet which is expected to unveil its plans in at next month’s Farnborough air show is expected to initially cater to the big daddy’s in the market.

This means, the middle class need to hold on to their pockets for some time after its launch to make their dream journey come true.

With lighter composite materials, more advanced engines to reduce the sound and smaller fuel engines, this aircraft will be able to take passengers at twice the speed.

The sonic boom could create a muffling sound which the Gulfstream engineer described as “closer to a puff or plop.”

“The fact that the big boys are all close confirms industry rumors that a new generation of supersonic sounds is now finally within reach,” he was quoted as saying to the Sunday Times.

Currently Concorde flies at a speed of 1,350mph but its successor the subsonic executive jet will take its passengers at a speed of 2,500mph.

Doubling the speed of Concorde will enable travelers to complete the journey from London to Sydney in merely 4 hours .

However , the dream jet will only be able to accommodate 12 passengers at a time.


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