Debtors, first, the psychological transformation of debt recovery

Theda Muller

When you are facing a debt-crisis, you will find it psychologically and physically impossible to make that first move to firstly take responsibility and ownership for your debt and then take the action, because fear would have engulfed your entire being over a short or long period, regardless of the size of your debt exposure.

The most crucial point is that it way exceeds your income most of the time, so coping is extremely difficult.

The key is, to find a way, any way to get yourself centered, focused and to activate a process to eliminate that fear because you can’t move forward if you don’t do this, you cannot take the creditor calls for the same reason and factually for this reason you don’t even know the exact size of your debt most of the time as you have ignored all:

1. Monthly statements

2. Post received from your creditor/s

3. Legal creditor  notices

And so you have no idea of the amount of penalties applied to your debt and just how much it has snowballed when you last had the courage to take a peek at it.

Below is a list of actions you must take before you arrange to meet with your creditors because you need to have released all of your resistance that piled up over the period that resulted in your current negative emotional mind-set. This first step is a serious process you must learn to master first before taking any steps towards your debt-recovery.

Let me remind you that nothing changes if you don’t change yourself from within first…

- Allocate 20mins ‘me-time’ every morning before you start your routine, sit in a quiet place, still your mind and take in heavy breaths for a few seconds, release and continue the process to quiet your mind and release all resistance. This is a healthy mental exercise and will transform your mind into a more positive frame, ready for the day ahead.

- No matter how small your bed, room or home is, look around and find things you are grateful to have right now, that others don’t have as there are millions of people with much less than you have, so show some gratitude, appreciation and thanks.

- Get into the habit of maintaining a ‘Gratitude Journal’ and record everything you are grateful for and I can assure you that you will surprise yourself with your long list.

- From morning and throughout the day focus on gratitude, kindness, compliment someone, reach and make a difference even with your time and see how your day changes right before your eyes when you make this a daily practice you follow for you.

- Steer away from all forms of negativity, walk away if you must, but don’t participate.

-  Write down your goals and keep your mind’s eye on them whenever you get a second during the day, focus, set your intention and live, eat, sleep and drink it. You’ve got to feel it first, and then it will have no choice but to show up for you.

-  Take your mind off your current situation and focus on the future situation and this is a hard task to ask, but the key is not to continue beating the drums of the ‘old stories’, learn to create new stories in your mind, write them down and affirm them by self-talk when you are alone. A typical example is affirmations of ‘I am__________’, whatever you want to be.

By listing the above you would have noticed that there was nothing negative that you focused on and right there, test the feeling inside and feel that you actually feel better by just thinking about this form of habit changing that results in transformation of self, and over time it will continue to improve until your positive actions every day will be a natural progression.

So, when you are not emotionally fighting this fear of facing a debt-crisis, because you are on a transformational path, then it gets easier to devise a plan of action to meet with your creditors to find an amicable affordable solution to enable you to maintain your payments and avoid facing legal and other problems.

Key is when you apply ‘soft-skill’ techniques, everything must change and it will change for you!