Debtors’ procrastinating is creating snowball that will spiral out of your control…

Theda Muller

Debtors’ standing in the shadows procrastinating is creating a huge snowball that will spiral out of your control…

I’m trying to understand the logic of a debtor who is saturated with debt, knowingly facing a debt-crisis, whether an individual (retail) or a business (SME), is continuing to procrastinate the very key decision to take action right now to position themselves into a more positive space to activate the process to get out of debt in the next few years.

I know from experience there are hundreds of thousands of individuals facing a debt-crisis, yet the no’s we see surfacing are minuscule compared to statistics. Unless one receives leads from referrals, advertisements or collaborative agreements, debtors do not willingly approach creditors.

So the key questions are:

a. What are you waiting for?

b. Why are you waiting for the situation to snowball beyond your control?

c. Why are you convincing yourself that you will first ‘do that’, whatever that means to you and then once it is done, then you will take action! Whatever that is, it is irrelevant at this stage, because what is relevant and key is that you focus on this very big debt problem you are facing that has already spiraled out of control.

You need to learn to stop focusing on the ‘old story’ because if you do, it means you are continuing to ‘call in the same’, which in turn means more and more bad news will surface because that is the Law of Creation. Until you step out and start learning to create ‘new positive stories’, nothing will change, as I said it will worsen, so truly then blame yourself.

d. Why are you vegetating for months, maybe one year on ‘possibilities’ that have not surfaced until now, where I appreciate you always continue to live in hope, with big expectations, but reality is just stagnating and not taking action, will yield zero results.

There is a clear difference between hope and being irresponsible, because if whatever you are awaiting has not shown up yet, then it’s time to catch a wake-up, smell the coffee and know that you need to take a huge step forward right now in the right direction, not tomorrow or next week, but now!

Currently you might have taken ownership, with the same sense of responsibility, but that is exactly where you are stuck for a few of the below reasons, which are old stories:

1. You might have a crisis in a specific area of your life or business that you want to clear, but you are insistent to clear this first before you venture onto the debt-crisis that direly needs your attention, so you don’t move forward.

2. You could be listening to a variation of advice from the wrong sources! This will confuse you and put you off your path of debt recovery.

3. Maybe you’re too saturated and engulfed in emotional fear due to creditor calls, visits, other demands and threats, where if you continue consuming all this negativity, you will lose the foresight to devise a concrete plan of action and stick to it!

4. Maybe you really don’t see a way out for yourself, you’ve lost hope and you simply cannot see any form of solution in the near future, know that someone looking in from the outside always has a better view, but until you approach the right resources, either a known professional external party or the creditor directly, you will never one and perhaps one day when things have gone really bad, you will ask yourself the questions “Why? What if”.

The infamous quote “Those that snooze lose…” is very true because nobody is going to wait for you to make a move, it is totally up to you, because you dictate the path of your life and for sure whatever situation you find yourself in, only you are to blame and that is the essence of taking ownership and responsibility.

Remember, nothing is so bad that it cannot change and by the same token, nobody is that bad that they cannot change because I know there are very bad stigma’s attached to individuals who find themselves in a dire debt-crisis and when the ‘grapevine’ gets to know about it, even worse as they normally blow situations up totally out of proportion.

You have nothing to prove to anyone, only to yourself so learn to be true to yourself and just like the debt did not take one day to accumulate, the solution will not take one day, so there is much perseverance, patience, tolerance, humility and rebuilding your dignity that will be expected of you because ‘Rome was not built in one day’, but you will finally get to your debt recovery phase and be happy you made the decision to take action.

It’s known that individuals facing a debt-crisis hardly ever want to show their faces anywhere where they must ‘come clean’ and there are hundreds of thousands of you out there all in the same situation, most of you living pretentious lives when the sad part is you don’t know that it will surface one day in a way you won’t expect, unless you take the reins right now.

There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, call it a mistake or bad decisions you took but finally, it will be a lesson and a human passing through life those lessons become sediments of your character and creates an awareness that maybe, you won’t repeat the same mistake again if you are smart.

I want to see every single person facing a debt-crisis to step out now, if you don’t know how to step out then contact me, I will mentor you to debt-recovery. I know it’s a tough decision; it’s embarrassing and humiliating but so what?

People forget so easily in a few days they won’t even remember you because there are so many of you out there where you don’t have to suffer emotional turmoil forever because you are embarrassed or ashamed, just do it for you first, then the other because there is nothing like peace of mind daily, where you can begin to thrive again and be grateful you made the right decision.

I know people in debt need dire encouragement and most of the time must hear the harsh reality before they realise the decision they must make.

I don’t believe that there are so few individuals facing a debt-crisis who really need the help and are willing to repay their debt, that I have met, that have approached me or referred by creditors, because I know there are hundreds of thousands of you, if not millions, so right now if this resonates with you then I am

speaking to you. Take action today, compile your debt schedule as I have written in past articles, follow my instructions, call your creditor and arrange to meet with them or contact me, whatever makes you comfortable, but just do it!

There is nothing more fulfilling and enriching to go to your place of employment daily, whether employed or self-employed and look forward to doing your very best simply because you have nothing else hindering you all day.

You also have enough money to sustain yourself and your family from day to day, you are happy to be alive and prospering from within and that is what I want to see and hear, those are the stories that should be contagious within the human circle, not this very detrimental debt situation that makes you miserable and ill every single day, because you don’t have to be in this state, you can make the right choice right now.

Remember, you have a torch to carry for your upcoming generations and don’t for a minute assume they cannot connect with your emotions without you even knowing and you don’t want to instill this form of emotion to them, so this is not just about you.