Don't dump your iPhone 4 yet... iPhone 5 launch delayed

New iPhone's launch depends on iOS6 which is not ready for August release

The launch date for the new iPhone continues to remain a topic of speculation with August being touted as the early release to combat Samsung’s growing threat.

Emirates 247 had earlier reported that the release dates for the new phone could be advanced by two months to August.

The expectation for the iPhone 5 increased following a statement from a Taiwanese supply chain for Apple that an August launch is on the cards.

It was then reported that the new phone would be launched on August 7.

Reports now say the August launch would be unlikely as the phone’s new operating system the iOS6 would not be ready until fall. In the US, fall starts sometime during the last week of September.

According to the PC World, an August launch is highly unlikely unless Apple plans to launch its next iPhone without iOS6, or advance the introduction of the new software into the new phone.

Apple and the Nano SIMs

SIM cards are set to go smaller by 40 per cent and the iPhone 5 could be the first phone to introduce the new design.

Last month the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) announced a new nano-SIM format following a meeting in Japan.

The approved design was submitted by apple and is 40 per cent smaller than the current micro-SIM format — measuring 12.3mm wide by 8.8mm high, and 0.67mm thick.

The newly designed SIM will be packaged in such a way that when put backwards it will be compatible with existing SIM card designs.

According to a report in the Financial Times telecom operators especially in Europe are stockpiling millions of nano SIM cards in anticipation of an imminent launch of Apple’s new iPhone during the coming months.

The new phone is expected to be taller and slimmer compared to the iPhone 4S.

According to more recent reports Apple is working with manufacturers in Japan and South Korea to develop slimmer displays.

The manufacturers will be using the in-cell touch panel technology that is designed to make the smartphone lesser than 8mm thick compared to the 9.3mm thickness that the iPhone 4S sports.

Earlier it was also discussed that Apple could go in for a LiquidMetal alloy casing.

The iPhone 5 is also expected to have a taller screen, with a 4 inch display in an effort to take on competition from recent Android devices, mainly the Samsung S3.


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