Dubai to host 7th GCC Municipalities and Smart Cities Conference

Executives, decision-makers, mayors and key policy-makers from government organisations will gather in Dubai on 27th and 28th September, 2017, for the 7th GCC Municipalities and Smart Cities Conference.

Participants will discuss the changing role of the municipality in the era of world cities transformation, role models and innovative cities of the future while highlighting strategies to transform provinces and urban neighbourhoods into innovative cities and municipalities.

Organiser Datamatix says the event covers all the aspects of smart city development and aspires to discuss the challenges in preventing fire in cities and upgrading public safety. It will also explore future city investment strategies, smart transportation and mobility, and growing threats to social stability and societal relationships in the era of global technology. The aim is to improve infrastructure, increase sustainability and enhance resilience.

The event provides a premier platform for knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer engagement as well as a central platform for the interchange of best cases and business deals bringing together the highest level of stakeholders. This is in the context of smart cities development to co-create innovative and integrated urban solutions for a more liveable and sustainable future.

Cities are experiencing an accelerating pace of urbanisation with growing complexity and this is putting more pressure on municipalities to innovate and become smarter. All the civic bodies are competing to make cities liveable for people and to do so in a sustainable manner Leading regional and international industry experts will deliver insightful talks on pertinent topics through keynote presentations and interactive panel discussions.