Creditors, why are you delaying the outcome of Remedial requests?

Theda Muller

Be assured I am not generalizing as this only pertains to specific creditor organizations, where some customer’s are awaiting a final outcome for up to 6months, with no response or no outcome and of course, the interim result is obviously legal action, in spite of the customer informing the creditor that they cannot manage their current EMI’s, they need it reduced, with proof in hand of their total EMI’s.

In the interim…

No creditor telephone calls are responded to and this boggles my brain as I cannot understand that everyone has a telephone on their desk, but many don’t bother to answer their telephones at all!

No creditor emails are responded to;

No remedial requests are responded to;

No confirmation of remedial requests are confirmed by the creditor;

Finally when responded to, the case is passed onto the next collection or remedial representative, who is then bent on securing a ridiculous down-payment or EMI, before they even agree to review the customer request;

Even with the remedial request in hand for months, the collection representative demands these ridiculous EMI’s / overdues in full, without any reasoning or justification and then proceeds to legal just because they can, arriving at the debtors office demanding to meet with the HR, resulting in the debtor either receiving a warning letter and if it persists, termination;

It would take a physical visit by the remedial company to try to meet the senior manager to discuss the viability of the requested remedial request and if one is lucky, then we would be able to meet the manager, otherwise again, we are also sent from pillar to post, including documentation personally submitted to the representative, which then just vanishes into thin air, resulting in no review or response for the customer;

A few weeks ago I was given the mobile no of a collections head of a bank from another senior manager in the same bank. We have been dealing with before and upon calling he’s no, he rudely informed me that this was he’s private no and I was not to call it again.

This in spite it not being he’s personal no and that the remedial request was submitted 3 months prior. How is he more focused on being opinionated and arrogant, rather than focusing on resolving a customer’s problem, where we all know the old saying that customers pay our salary, regardless.

I’ve been a head, regional manager of a large bank, CEO, so sincerely humility serves and if you can touch 1 life daily and make a difference, then you have touched over 20 lives per month and if you have 10 staff in your team, then your reach has been around 200 and per annum 2,400.

But nobody stops to think of these possibilities, because if you all applied this principle, you would witness the positive shift in your organizations and in your personal life, because that is how we are supposed to evolve to create change for ourselves and everyone else we come into contact with.

It’s not just about pushing so hard for money and continuing to be mean and arrogant, because let me remind you, then the money cannot come, you must evolve around authentic happiness, joy and love in whatever you do in your life, period. Humility serves, it will ensure you are taken care of every single day.

Let me ask you…

Do you know how much time it takes from a debtor to take hours off from their office to come to your organization and maybe via public transport, if not spending hours in traffic, only to find no help is available?

Do you know how much time it takes out of my day to visit creditor offices, simply because nobody wants to answer their phone? It is the most frustrating process in the world and I just wonder if creditor representatives have any idea of how much pain they create for debtors or their remedial representatives?

Do you know how many hair-raising moments a debtor has when they do not get any response? No, not every debtor has bad intentions, it seems those excuses are already beaten to death, because there are respectable individuals who want to do the right thing, but you are not affording them the opportunity;

I certainly do get that…

You have your job with its comfortable benefits;

You do what you must do and the rest you couldn’t care to put the extra effort to just make someone’s day, who deserves it;

Yes you know your salary will be credited into your account, on time, like clockwork, so why sweat the small stuff?

I had someone comment saying the other day ‘these debtors in this position are all losers; they should not live above their means…’ I will never condone this statement as long as I live, because you cannot generalize and paint everyone with the same brush by being meanly judgmental as some people find themselves in this situation because of job loss, ill health, spousal or family health problems, reduction in salary, and the list continues….

Yes, some people have overspent, but it does not mean that when they face you to ask for leniency to repay their debt that you treat them like they have a disease, because it could happen to you.

Point in case is you could walk into your office one day and find you don’t have an office anymore, or you could just awake one morning and find you can’t walk, or you are lame in any part of your body, so you really don’t know when you will be the one asking for mercy one day, because you don’t know.

 But, if we sow bad seed, then only bad sprouts up from the ground and that is a given as surely as the sun rises and sets every single day, you have my word!

It’s enough that the debtor procrastinated to take action and responsibility for their debt, the process does not have to be delayed because of unresponsive or non-supportive creditor representatives, because it is your job to protect your organization’s assets and recoup them by any means and that means if the debtor is standing in front of you, or approached you, then you should respond within the minimal time-frame, where the outcome is a win-win for all parties.

I agree that there are many debtors who are chancers and have hidden agendas, but then since you deal with all types daily, so do we, we can identify these characters, where we are frank, we do not deal with such individuals as our reputation is not worth the risk and I am sure you apply the same.

 But I am not referring to this, only your undue co-operation where it is warranted, because it’s not good to intentionally place anyone in a bad situation just because you can, just because you have no mood to deal with this customer, or the customer has a bad history but in your eyes, there is no way they will change.

 Wrong! Anyone is susceptible to change where many people come to this realization when they reach their lowest point, but they will not share this with you, as this part is your job, you need to be able to identify when you find this kind of situation.

We have no right to brand another human, unless we have substantial proof of their intentions or actions. This has been going on for a very long time and maybe, if there are no changes, the changes will reverse to ensure some good lessons are learn’t, because we should co-exist in peace, harmony and agreement with one another, as we are on borrowed time, not our time.