Debtors don’t make promises you can’t keep, its bad ethics…

Theda Muller

Most of everyone faces hardships at some stage of their lives and it really does justify your excuses if you are able to prove, in black and white, your inability to meet your creditor commitments, that’s called integrity and it is a symbol of your character.

It’s not a commodity that you can purchase at any store tomorrow morning when you decide to wipe the old slate clean.

At the outset when you are beyond desperate for help with your debt-crisis, then you not only tend to promise the earth and your complete commitment to your creditor, but also to the companies that put their reputation on the line for you, where finally once the task is completed for you with your creditor, then you have the audacity to walk into the sunset and not take ownership or responsibility for your actions, with zero conscience.

Debtors are so accustomed to the same bad habits with their creditors which are age-old, the reason why there are so many collection companies existing globally.

However I am now taking this a step further, where you ‘cozy up’ to the remedial company, spew sweet words of commitment and promises to make them believe that once they resolve your debt and legal problems, you will activate your service fee payments to their company.

Except, your dishonesty is premeditated, just like it is and has been for years with your creditors, so you sign the new agreement they secured for you, you then ignore the remedial company, don’t take their calls and assume you won a battle by letting someone else put their reputation and credibility on the line for you!

WRONG! Dishonesty is dishonesty, you cannot put a dress on it and call it a nice looking girl, because just right there you sowed more bad seed, just like you did with your creditors so right here and now you should understand that in the very near future, that seed will sprout into something way negative beyond your control and factually, you have not learn’t the lesson of debt, but increased your wayward credibility and as much as the UAE is huge, it is also small, so people come to know about these tactics and dishonest methods applied.

The lesson of debt means authentic honesty, regardless if you are accustomed to misleading your creditors in the past, because if you assume you are entitled and creditors, whomever they are, owe you a life to reduce your debt to what you demand and then along the line you also misrepresent yourself with the companies that fully assist and support you.

This is a process of cheating, call a spade a spade and you will never progress in your life if you continue to apply these methods and assume you got off scott-free.

Newsflash! You are the loser and you will always be one, because you have chosen to firstly disrespect yourself and then your creditors who afforded you large loans and credit cards that you don’t feel obliged to repay in full, and then the remedial companies who further assist you assuming that according to their projections, you will be able to meet your newly restructured EMI’s and sustain yourself. Professional acting belongs in Hollywood and certainly not when you are facing a debt-crisis as it has no role within this context.

At this point you assume you won the battle, but unbeknown to you, something else will surface out of the woodworks that will continue to set you back and ensure life remains difficult for you.

I cannot stress more that when you want to do the right thing, repay your debt, even with a reduction, and leave your underhanded mannerisms at home, because your transformation should be a full authentic circle.

Being pretentious and underhanded is a trait I personally detest, because when you are outrightly deceiving someone or a company who is willing to fully support you, then you should learn to first respect yourself, then the other. You need to sleep at night, so how do you do that with a clear conscience?

It’s easy to feel sorry and show great empathy for debtors facing a debt-crisis, however one key aspect you should remember is that creditor or remedial company did not spend the money, you did, so it’s time to show some respect!

I can fully comprehend why some debtors, more than others, remain in limbo, unable to progress in life because you cannot take 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards, it doesn’t work that way.

Being on a debt road to recovery literally means…

a. Sacrificing, doing without;
b. Meeting ends meet with what you have left over in your hand once you have paid your creditors;
c. Master the art of humility, because you are going to need it for many years;
d. Stop complaining, push forward, the more you complain, the more problems you will create for yourself because we are the creators of our reality, whether you like it or not;
e. Resort to only purchasing with cash, so if you don’t have then it means you doesn’t;
f. Stop continuing to borrow from family and friends, because you’re replacing holes you are closing with new holes;
g. Lose your expensive taste buds because you can no longer afford them on plastic anymore;
h. Master the art of compromising and scaling down to your current budget;
i. Find an authentic hobby that hardly costs money, it will help you to focus on positivity;
j. Revitalize your health, start walking every morning or evening instead of resorting to browsing in malls as you need to recreate a new lifestyle for yourself;

It is a known fact that people who intentionally abuses the trust of others who reach out and agree to help them, assume they won the battle when they walk away as planned.

Little do you know that the reputation you left behind is that of a very small uncultured mind, it shows who you are, where you came from, your background, mentality and character and you mostly only get one chance in life to prove yourself, when you find yourself in a bad situation and very fortunate to even find people who are willing to help you.

So the question is not who gives you the right to be so narcissist, but how can you ever assume that the bad seed you sow is not waiting for you around the next corner, because it is, as sure as the sun rises and sets every day.

My urge today is when it gets worse in the next days, weeks, months or every years, never ask yourself the question ‘Why me? The answer is ‘Why not me?

I’m dishonest, I lead people on a wild goose chase, I am deceptive, etc...’Do your duty, approach the people who help you and show your gratitude, thanks and appreciation, as it is your job; it is what will set your life back on track.

So the next time you walk into a creditor’s office with smooth words and no good intentions, back-track and mean every word that comes out of your mouth, else there will be penances to pay, as I said.

The big question is, who said dishonesty ever contributed to
true success and happiness of anyone?