Debtors don't take the wrong advice resulting in critical situations

Theda Muller

Debtors take heed not to take the wrong advice resulting in a more critical situation after a few months…

I do realize that most of the time when finding yourself in a debt-crisis, then sheer desperation blinds you from any form of clarity and logic, so you end up ‘clutching at straws, agreeing to promises of quick fixes and miracles’ from someone who is not qualified in this business, resulting in you just believing the first person who comes along offering to resolve your debt problem tomorrow morning, WRONG!

A key point is that your debt was not accumulated in one day, week, or month but many months or years, so if you believe that right now due to your very own procrastination, that you find yourself with legal cases filed against you and you believe the first person offering a ‘tomorrow morning miracle’, then be assured you are delusional.

Here are my justifications, based on my many years of experience in this arena:

1. If you already have cases filed, then be assured the solution will not present itself tomorrow morning, or in a few days or even a week.

There are processes relevant to Due Diligence that must be applied by your creditors and legal departments, before a firm decision can be approved. So no external party, no matter how much you believe them, can offer you a quick fix.

2. If they do, then they want your money and maybe thereafter no action or positive result will prevail and then you only have yourself to blame.

Maybe after sometime when they don’t deliver they will justify this by baseless reasons, requesting more money and will probably convince you to pay again, with no positive end-result most of the time.

3. You cannot recreate a new situation with the old mindset you currently have and if you are acting in desperation, then you are building more resistance, so whatever you attempt, will not work, you will only call in ‘more of the same negative situations’.

4. If you don’t wish to directly approach your creditor then approach a company that is known for assisting, supporting and delivering results and it’s easy to find out whom that companies or individuals are in this market, just ask around and ensure you are comfortable dealing with them and that they key market players.

5. Facing a debt-crisis and then getting out of it takes much perseverance, because that is the lesson of debt, it must affect your lifestyle and spending habits in some form or other, else once you emerge from this situation, you have learn’t zero and you will easily do it again.

Humans detest suffering, but it is an integral part of the lesson when you find you have spent money you don’t have indiscriminately, because that is how you get into a debt-crisis.

6. Rome was not built in one day so be patient whilst you are awaiting the final outcome, because most of the time you are pushing so hard that the outcome you really want, will not come, ever and forget about pointing fingers at anyone who is sincerely trying to help you, because that’s not only bad manners, but it’s also bad ethics and somehow it justifies your entitlement to demand what you want.

There are no demands, this is a game of patience and believing that you will receive what you asked for, so closing doors that could have been the only solution to your debt-problem, is in bad taste and the wrong move.

7. For once, you need to place yourself in the creditor’s shoes and understand that they owe you zero, you owe them, so requesting immediate attention, ridiculous discounts and a restructure at an unimaginable interest rate, is out of context.

You need to learn the art of diplomacy, self-respect, respecting those who are willing to help you and waiting until they are ready to present their offer. They don’t work for you; they are employed by their own organization and therefore have policies to adhere to, including protecting their organizations assets.

Taking the step to becoming debt-free means that the following applies to you as the debtor:

Tell the truth about your situation and nothing but the truth, because if you don’t, they will anyhow find out and then that door might be closed for you. They are in this business so there is very little that they don’t know, even the variation of characteristics they deal with every day, so don’t imagine they cannot read you.

You cannot hide debts anymore, so being transparent is your first priority.

Hidden agenda’s to undermine your creditor or creditor representative or be sly is a ‘No Zone’, leave that at home, be straight, honest and sincere and again, they will find the truth and then it’s over.

Once they have afforded you a chance to comfortably repay your debt and you signed on the dotted line, then keep your commitment, because if you don’t, you may as well have never signed the new agreement.

Remember, it now affects your credit history, which is key.

Stop thinking about more credit in the future when you have not cleared the slate right now, as many of you are more concerned about the credit rating that will be applied now, instead of concentrating on getting out of debt at this time and it amazes me, even those who have legal filed cases, have the same mind-set.

Realise you are where you at this stage because of being undisciplined and having no limits. Do you honestly want to go back there once your slate is cleared?

Don’t assume that by accepting a legal case filed that your story is over, because there are ethics, you do not take credit or money from a creditor and then assume once you faced part of the music and settled in that way, that it is the end of the line.

Life dictates we pay our dues, maybe not today or tomorrow, but in its own time and I see no human factor displayed with this form of attitude. It’s purely bad manners and it doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself in, pay back every single penny you owe, because that is your job.

I must admit from inception of remedial being applied I was extremely positive to fully support debtors who were facing a debt-crisis, but as time has progressed there is an element of despondency about a variation of bad attitudes encountered daily, where many are listed above and many have not been listed.

My key point is you love living here, it’s why some of you have been here for decades so my question is, why not reciprocate respectfully so that there is a win-win situation for all involved parties and then you can continue your journey of new prosperity?

Why be bitter about a situation you created? You have the power to recreate!