Debtors, remedial is not a ‘quick fix’, but opportunity to restore your credibility

Theda Muller

Debtors, remedial is not a ‘quick fix’, but opportunity to restore your credibility, commitment and honesty…

I cannot recall the countless times I have personally had debtors seated across a table from me begging, pleading, promising and sometimes with tears streaming down their face, including attempting to butter me or the remedial officer or bank creditor up with sweet talks of assurance and promises, because of their sheer desperation for help from a hopeless dire debt situation.

Except unbeknown to us, they have their own hidden agenda, which is blatant dishonesty and disrespect, where they never intended to meet their commitment, only to use people to move them to a ‘safety net’.

So, once the tasks are done and they are ‘safe’, they dissipate into nothingness, not answering calls, but eliminating their entire sense of responsibility to the people who fully supported and helped them.

I fully comprehend the possibilities of not being born with a conscience, but it is hard for me to conceive that as educated persons holding very senior jobs, roles and responsibilities ironically within a financial division or company, that you choose to abuse your rights with the people who approve to help you, and violate their sincerity and commitment to helping you.

Simply you dump your entire liability on their desk, this after you spent the money and failed to maintain your EMI’s and then hound them several times daily to ‘fix your problems’, again with promises.

Once completed only to either find fault with the entire process that was concluded, which you agreed upon, but to use that as a tool not to meet future responsibilities and commitments.

Then I believe that you should face your wrath, hounding by creditors is what you deserve, not to mention legal cases is something that you should face for reasons of learning the lesson of self-respect and respecting others who help you, as they really did not have be hounded multiple times daily, weekly, after hours and weekends.

Their full support was purely out of belief of your promises and perceived commitments, resulting out of your desperation and inability to cope with rectifying your own debt problems.

As humans we survive and thrive when we are persons of integrity, respect, commitment and sincerity and there is nothing more distasteful than a dishonest individual misrepresenting themselves for their own gain, because ironically, that is how they came to be facing a dire debt problem and most times, debt that is way out of proportion, that cannot be equated to their income and that has no justification as to where the funds were spent!

The world is huge but also small and if you assume that you got away scott-free this time, then you must believe that life will teach you harsher lessons in the same or other areas of your life, where you are unable to ‘touch that thing to rectify your situation’.

When that time comes you will understand that there is nothing you can do to help yourself, but only face the wrath that is coming your way and when you sit there in that hole, remember this article and realize that you never got away, because nobody is immune to paying for the bad seed they sow, but most of all, for using people for your own personal gain.

When I continue to encourage debtors to step forward to take ownership and responsibility for their debt, then it is a sincere token of reach to help people transform their lives, where many bank creditors practice the same policy, they are there to help and fully support you, but once again their experience is just as bad as mine or worse, where I still exist with faith for debtors, but many have been fooled.

So, incoming debtors, need to help creditors have a change of mind about your integrity, commitment and promises that you will deliver, if they approve your request, because you should understand that the risk for them is huge when just believing anyone’s word.

The road to recovery is a 2-way street, not a 1-way, as you are not that fortunate to dump your debt on anyone’s desk, expect them to resolve your problems and once done, you have no conscience but to walk away.

It leaves a bad taste, emotion and distrust is inevitable including the fact that you set a very bad precedence for the next debtor seeking help who is actually honest, sincere and willing to maintain their commitments. Policies change for the worse most times, because of dishonest individuals who force creditors to raise the bar.

So as much as I am harsh in my writings about creditors in some of my articles, those are valid experiences and points to note to improve on, but this, is a distasteful act of dishonesty by a debtor who has learnt from friends or themselves, how to apply those dishonest tactics and assume they can get away with it.

One key policy I have resorted to is when I find out that a debtor has done this to me or my company, then I try my utmost to reverse the tasks we completed, so that the debtor can face the wrath, because most times, such people deserve very harsh lessons in life, where we as remedial companies or the creditors have ourselves to blame.

Sometimes our empathy consumes us to the degree that we cannot differentiate between honesty and dishonesty and lose our sense of logical character assessment, which can happen, as we too are human.

Therefore debtors, when you are seeking remedial solutions for your debt-crisis, remember to carry the torch high and with integrity, so you continue to pave the way for those debtors coming forward in the future, who must still take the plunge of ownership and responsibility, because in a way, it is a form of setting a high standard of precedent and leading by example, as this form of attitude, is the reason for your full recovery and future success.

Remember, help is available, so don’t stop believing that you are not an exception, because you can recover, but your intentions must be pure, without exception.

In life there are always ‘bad apples’ but we need to remain alert before they succeed in their agenda’s, because personally I fully support a debtor facing a debt-crisis and will continue to encourage people to act to transform their lives.

However, these kinds of people who are dishonest, are never going to break our spirit to withhold our ability to help people at any given time. It is a point of note that your very bad actions and being ungrateful for the help you received, will never go unnoticed and will serve as a marker for the future.

Finally, when you help anyone from your heart, never regret the good deed you did, because if the person violated their rights with you, then the problem is with them, not with you, so just move on and continue your good work to help others…