Debtors, this is your ‘wake-up call’, respect the hand that feeds you…

Theda Muller

Somehow you need to find your moral compass. Realise that you are responsible for your debt, not creditors or remedial companies.

Therefore, when you secure the full support you need to ensure you are able to cope with your debt and new EMI’s in the future, then show some respect!

Just dumping your debt on someone else’s table, mostly with absolutely no justification of how you spent the money, then securing the help where new remedial agreements are approved, signed, mutually agreed upon down-payments are approved, deposited and legal cases filed are released, but thereafter you opt to ‘walk into the sunset’ with zero sense of conscience, either to maintain those new EMI’s, or you simply refute having requested help from a remedial company and shirk your responsibilities to meet your promised commitment to them during your begging act before you got lucky, now assuming you got off scott-free and continue existing in denial in your delusional world?

WRONG! In life, you sow what you reap, so if you assume you got away with it this time, think again, because the wheel turns as sure as the sun rises and sets daily.

Saying your actions is morally wrong is an understatement, it is the worst form of deceit towards anyone who reaches out to you because they interpreted your ‘act’ as sincere cries for help.

Simply, you do not have the luxury of being arrogant and obnoxious now, especially when you deny that you even requested that help.

Many times creditors and remedial companies feel your pain because you sound authentic and many are, but this article refers to those undermining sly debtors who start this process with premeditated bad intentions.

You are not fooling those who help you, but yourself and only those actions are sufficient justification for why you are facing the problem of a debt-crisis today, and why you will continue facing more of the same, because that is what you are calling into your being.

Nobody owes you a life at any given time, every step you make moving forward must be authentically progressive, if not, then you are backtracking, even though you assume you have advanced, fooled some creditor or remedial company and won your battle, maybe the first or second, but you won’t be so fortunate moving forward.

I don’t know anyone who has advanced in life and been progressive, who possesses a dishonest mindset.

So…it is time to get your act together and…

1. Master the art of being honest and mean what you say, period.

2. Don’t try to fool those whom you’re asking for help, because if you do then your situation will worsen, the end result completely out of your control and you will wonder ‘Why me? Why is this happening to me? What have I done wrong?’ – Don’t think, you might get lost!

3. When you commit to paying your EMI’s after restructure; or paying a remedial companies fees if they have completed the assignment for you, then keep to your promises, don’t make excuses for your bad habits, learn to rectify them and transform yourself into a better person, as it will serve you.

4. When you assume you won through devious methods, know today, you have completely lost!

5. Realise that ‘winning’ is in your mind, outside of that mindset you have lost your ‘face’, you’ve created shame upon your character as word of mouth is huge in life, people get to know, where mostly you are only really afforded one chance in life to preserve your reputation and you only have one and it cannot be bought in stores.

6. The people who helped you never got lucky just to be there, they too had to sacrifice to build a reputation that enables them to leverage on that and their market credibility and experience, just to assist you and that means, they can pick up a phone and ask for consideration to a 2nd party on your behalf, or if they feel they should recommend your remedial case to their manager, then it’s based on their recommendation, not yours, you’re simply someone sitting there in debt.

Frankly, we all know debt has a very bad negative stigma and anyone facing such problems, is contaminated with the same stigma, so you have absolutely not an inch of a chance of changing that perception, except with your actions, so do the right thing for you firstly.

7. Please do not sit at the beginning of this ‘movie’ begging, pleading, crying and dying in front of the creditor or remedial company for the help you need, pleading and making promises you know you have no intention of keeping, because once done, you act like an arrogant untouchable boss, transforming yourself into a clown, because there is no medication for stupidity or ignorance.

Remember you are still in debt and it doesn’t matter how entitled you feel to treat those people badly, nothing will change for you if you continue in this manner, don’t believe me, watch time pass and see what happens. Better still, take this article and frame it because down the line you will need to review it many times over.

8. It is down-right appalling that you can even present yourself under the auspices of a genuinely sincere debtor, when all you are is a deceiver with a premeditated façade who is facing a dire debt-crisis situation, feeling no shame to impose this deceit upon your creditors and/or the remedial company you approach for help.

The worst is they believe you, help you to the ends of the earth, secure approval for what you requested and once done, you walk away shameless and free with no remorse, in some cases even refuting that you asked for help. Hell, you have got to be a special kind of specimen to have the ability to do this to anyone.

I will close with key lessons you will either choose to adopt, or face the wrath that is awaiting you, because it comes around.

a. Learn to be grateful for those who sincerely pull you out of drowning waters.

b. You are not infallible after this deceit incident, because fall you will, in its own time, not yours.

c. If someone has ‘made your day’, lifted the burden from your life, then respect yourself and the person/s that put themselves on the line for you.

d. Respect that your creditor afforded you the credit when you needed it, so it is your moral duty to repay them, which means you pay those new EMI’s until you have repaid your debt.

You do not choose the easy way out of shirking your responsibilities, because you think that they owe you a life and you don’t owe them repayment.

e. Don’t justify your actions with excuses, because it equates to lying and being dishonest.

f.  Pay your dues now; it’s your creditor’s right to receive what is due to them.

g. Don’t walk into your creditor’s office and ‘demand a discount’, there is no such acceptable act from a debtor, it is applied by their own discretion, they don’t owe you anything to jump when you demand, because if you are listening to the grapevine, then you are barking up the wrong tree.

You have no right to demand a 50% or more discounts, the money was not picked from trees and you received the full principle which you spent, so show some respect.

h. You have a greater reason to meet your new commitments if you were afforded a discount, because then I will say you were privileged.

i. The success in life is about giving and taking, in most cases, more giving than taking, so please stop taking, learn to give back and do it with the highest integrity and respect.

My final word is when you assume you are fooling anyone, then you are only fooling yourself, you are actually showing others how minuscule your mentality really is and who you really are, which is a very bad reflection on your character, something you can never replace if you act without integrity, because you cannot wipe it away tomorrow morning and attain a new one, it sticks for life no matter where you go, because the world is big, but it is also small.

So if you’re still in business and now surviving thanks to the help of the people who helped you, then stop building a brand you imagine can achieve the fame and success you desire, because it does not equate to who you really are simply, you left something behind…