DEC in dialogue with American Business Council

As part of its role in the managing strategic dialogues between the business communities UAE and the US, the representatives of Dubai Economic Council and the American Business Council delegates visited Dubai Drydocks.

Hani Rashid Al Hamli, Secretary-General of DEC, thanked all parties for their collaboration in a bid to drive trade between the two countries. “Attracting more US companies to establish their businesses in Dubai not only boosts bilateral trade and creating more jobs and ads to exchange of knowledge and knows how in all economic sectors,” Al Hamli said.
The US Consuls’ visit builds on the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) and Dubai Economic Council strategic partnership agreement in Washington, D.C. where – Fred P. Hochberg, Chairman and President of the Export-Import Bank of the Ex-Im Bank, and Hani Al Hamli, Secretary General of the DEC, inked the memorandum of understanding (MOU) at Ex-Im Bank’s 38th Annual Conference.
“The MOU underscores our continued cooperation with our partners in Dubai and helps ensure that American exporters are not disadvantaged by foreign companies relying upon state-driven capital.
The role of Drydocks World in championing the cause of the industry was discussed and acknowledged by all. The broad vision and strategy of the organization and its business focus was emphasized during a special presentation including its emphasis on ‘Business Transformation through Continuous Innovation’ and the 4Rs of Excellence-Re Focused Thinking, Re Engineered Solutions, Re Energized
Interest, repositioned Execution which the company constantly strives to achieve. The highly significant international projects covering leading edge designs meant for Australia, UK, Germany  the United States handled by the Dubai-based shipyard were highlighted. The discussions also revolved around the recent role played by the company in facilitating networking within the regional industry through visionary initiatives and also its international contribution and industry interaction through the various high-end projects.
Highlighting specifically the projects handled by the yard for the United States which total about $ 143 million, Buamim said, “We are committed to contributing to the overall development of the marine and maritime industry in the region and specifically in Dubai. This important visit which recognizes the role we play increases our commitment to take forward and implement projects which will serve the needs of both the next-generation requirements of the maritime industry and the oil, gas and energy sectors. We will constantly seek ways to facilitate trade and economic activities between the UAE and the United States through knowledge exchange, specialist expertise and advice, investment opportunities and utilization of resources as we progress the development of marine. maritime and mixed use projects”
The American delegation expressed their admiration of the facilities accomplishments and high-tech technologies used at the vast ship yard. “It was a pleasure to visit Drydocks World, which is one of the powerful economic engines driving Dubai’s success and to discuss the many ways in which American companies and technology are contributing to Drydocks’ achievements.” said Robert Waller, the US Consul General.
The DEC delegation was led by Hani Rashid Al Hamli, Secretary General of the Council, and comprised Prof. Abdulrazak Al Faris, Chief Economic Counselor, Tarek Hajjiri, Director of Legal Policy, Nasser Humaid Al Suwaidi, Secretary General Office Manager and Ali Al Kaitoob, Senior Executive, Corporate Communications. The American delegation consisted of John Podgore, Immediate Past President, ABC, American Chamber of Commerce and Bilal Sabouni, Executive Vice President, represented the American Business Council of Dubai.
At the end of the meeting  Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman of Drydocks World and Maritime World, Drydocks presented mementos engraved with “Business Transformation through Continuous Innovation” to Hani Al Hamli Secretary General of DEC. The Chairman also presented a memento to the US Consul.