DFSA alerts about misuse of its name

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) has issued an alert to inform financial services community and members of the public about the misuse of the authority’s name.

The regulatory authority said on its website that a fraudulent email purporting to be from the DFSA has been sent to a number of firms both inside and outside the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

The false email purports to be about a "DFSA Anti-Money Laundering Violation"; purports to come from "Amina Alshehi" from "Audit & Compliance";  attaches a "non-compliance notice"; and uses legitimate DFSA contact details.

A copy of the false email can be viewed on its website.

According to DFSA the email is fake and has been sent without the authority of the DFSA and for a malicious purpose.

"Amina Alshehi" is not an employee of the DFSA and it does not have a division called "Audit & Compliance", it said, adding that the attachment to the email is not a legitimate DFSA document, and should not be opened.