Dubai firm exempted from VAT by Ministry of Economy

Dubai-based Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products runs an integrated facility for the production of camel milk which hosts more than 4,600 camels (Supplied)

Dubai-based camel milk producer Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP) today announced that it was awarded with value-added tax (VAT) Exemption Certificate issued by the UAE’s Ministry of Economy.

The Certificate, which exempts importers in the Arab countries of any customs duties, is set to increase camel milk exports to Arab countries.

EICMP General Manager, Saeed Juma Bin Subaih, said: "Being awarded the VAT Exemption Certificate will encourage companies in Arab countries to increase their imports of camel milk from EICMP. The benefits thereof will also reflect on consumers as they will be getting our products at the lowest prices. We currently export camel milk and products to the European Union, Malaysia, Brunei, as well as gulf cooperation Council (GCC) and Jordan."

In line with the plan to introduce value-added tax by the Gulf countries in 2018, VAT will be implemented at the rate of five per cent.  The Gulf states have reportedly agreed to exempt around 100 food items from the tax.

Producing camel-milk products under the brand name of Camelicious, EICMP claims to have the first manufacturing facility in the Middle East to obtain the European Commission’s approval to export its products to European Union. The firm runs an integrated facility for the production of camel milk which hosts more than 4,600 camels.

Due to increased domestic and international demand for camel milk products, the firm is seeking to increase its production, and maintain a solid and sustainable camel milk industry, both in the UAE and worldwide. It produces milk, flavored milk, yoghurt, ghee in addition to powdered milk.

Recent studies show that camel milk has positive effects on patients with type II diabetes, autism, hepatitis and autoimmune diseases. Camel milk contains a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, lanolin and minerals such as calcium, making it ideal for bolstering human health and well-being.