Duphat ends with Dh600m deals

Over 13,000 visitors and participants attended the 3-day exhibition

The seventeenth edition of the Dubai International Pharmaceuticals and Technologies Conference and Exhibition concluded today at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

More than 13,000 visitor and participants registered over the past three days, with participants from India, China, Egypt, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Netherlands, Iran and the UAE.

For the past three days, the Duphat conference and exhibition honoured the achievements of pharmacists, students, companies and researchers whom are keen to present and learn new trends from this industry. The event had surpassed all expectations, and was honoured with the success achieved by the pharmaceutical companies who participated in the exhibition.

At the end of the third day, the scientific committee had released the Duphat Conference recommendations:

Take measures to spread general awareness on reporting any adverse drug event resulting from a particular drug use or multiple drugs simultaneously, in addition to encouraging direct communication with international reporting centers to benefit from their latest researches in pharmacovigilence.

Adverse Drug reactions can be prevented or avoided if proper studies and training are performed. Care is to be taken in prescribing drugs, dispensing and provision to patient. Early detection of adverse drug events is a major stake in reporting and handling them scientifically and professionally.

There is a need to focus on availability and quality of pharmaceuticals as new emerging markets, shifts in technology and in costs of production all resulted from economical international factors.

Ensuring safe drug use in hospital pharmacies and in different health systems by taking proper measures to prevent medication errors in each drug movement and by monitoring drug use through implementation of safety practices and modern technologies and correlating drug patient safety awareness.

Expanding the pharmacists’ role in therapeutic treatment in health care by actively participating in the prevention plans and chronic diseases management in coordination with the patient, the physician and health care providers.

Educate school students through their curricula and special activities about the proper and safe use of medication.

Promote postgraduate continuing education programs and provide diversity of workshops for the training purposes.

Continue Duphat strive to bring expertise from different parts of the world for the benefit of pharmacy education and pharmacy practice.

Introduce the recent technological developments in drug discovery and drug delivery systems. It is expected that Emirate pharmacists shall soon be stocking and dispensing these new products.

Return to nature and benefit from the traditional use of herbal and natural products of what has been proven scientifically and clinically.

Encourage further research on herbal medicine to guide users about its benefits and risks. Researchers in the GGC region have better opportunity with the vast availability and long history of safe use.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, Tariq Al Madani, Managing Director of INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions said: “For the past seventeen years, Index Conferences and Exhibitions Organisation Est. – member of INDEX Holding was keen to present key speakers and major players of the pharmaceutical industry, and this year more than 300 companies made their presence at the exhibition platform showcasing their latest products and innovations.”

Al Madani also revealed the amount of the business deals achieved during the three days exhibition which had reached more than Dh600 million. This reveals the success of Duphat Conference and Exhibition and the leading role of Dubai in organising prestigious conferences and exhibitions with high efficiency in terms of participants and attendees. The majority of exhibitors at Duphat have confirmed booking their space for next year’s show.

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