HMH sets its sights on Asia

Hospitality Management Holdings (HMH), a leading Dubai-based hospitality group, is looking to expand to Asia after rapidly expanded its footprint across the Mena region, said a senior official.

Michel Noblet, President and CEO of HMH, said: “We are definitely pushing hard to build up operations in Asia. It is a region of high growth and we have got the right products and brands to match the market expectations and requirement. Moving forward, we want to go where the business is and in this respect, Asia is our next frontier.”

HMH’s development strategy throughout the 9 years of its operation has been remarkably consistent, he said.

“It has been a time of discovery, of amazing feat. We have always had a highly disciplined and cautious approach to development. As a company, HMH is extremely strong but we also recognize that the world around us is changing faster than ever. Our business has been severely affected by the global economic environment and political instability.”

Being among the top echelons of alcohol-free hotel groups, HMH has created a unique niche for itself. Michel said: “It is utterly logical for us to position ourselves in countries where there is demand for alcohol-free hotels. In this respect Indonesia and Malaysia look quite promising. Equally lucrative is the mid-market segment in both the MENA region and the sub-continent.

The steepest challenge for the group lies on its home turf. Michel acknowledged that there is increasing competition with more local brands emerging on the scene but insists: “We are looking at substantial growth for our brands in the coming 5 years.”

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