National Bonds sales hit record

Mohammed Qasim Al Ali (SUPPLIED)

National Bonds Corporation achieved sales of over Dh1 billion in May, recording 29 per cent sales growth compared to the same period last year, said a press statement on Monday.

This is the first time in three years that National Bonds has achieved its Dh1 billion sales mark this early in the year, highlighting the increased demand for savings witnessed amongst the UAE population.

Its customer base also grew significantly crossing 630,000 customers, recording a 3.2 per cent growth, representing an almost equal growth in both female and male bondholders.

Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, Chief Executive Officer of National Bonds, said: “Our business growth and record success could not have been achieved without our customers’ loyalty and belief in our scheme’s unique value. This faith motivates us to further our mission to educate and encourage them to save regularly helping them to secure their future and those of their families. One way we aim to achieve that is through our financial education road shows later this year, which as recently announced, will aim to educate different segments of the community on the tools they need to use in order to develop a healthy saving habit.”

The scheme also announced that repeat purchases rose to 78 per cent highlighting the scheme’s increased customer loyalty and appreciation of the value offered by the distinctiveness of the scheme.

National Bonds has consistently achieved  attractive annual profit rates resulting in a 26.45 per cent cumulative profit rate generated for the bondholders over the last  five years - among the highest payout in comparison to any other similar savings schemes in the UAE.

National Bonds has introduced 99 millionaires in the past five years, and will assist to change the life of its 100th millionaire in July of this year. The company rewards bondholders with 22,250 prizes every month in addition to a life-changing Dh1 million grand prize per month.

National Bonds certificates are available for purchase in nearly 580 outlets nationwide including Emirates Post offices, exchange houses and banks.

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