Service sector comprises 3 quarters of UAE GDP

Figures are on par with most developed world economies

The UAE’s service sector is a key driver of growth, with most recent figures revealing it accounts for as much as 74 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), according to Alan Harpham, Chairman, APMG-International, a global examination institute.

“These figures are on par with most developed world economies. However to ensure sustainability in today’s economic environment, companies need to exercise thorough management of available projects and resources.”

Harpham and industry leaders are set to debate the growth drivers that need to be honed for sustainability at the first-ever APMG International Showcase in the region.

“Companies need to take a fresh, critical look at their project, programme, portfolio and system management best practices and processes. Larger firms tend to feature higher maturity levels of project management; however ensuring this management is well-oiled is key to continued growth.”

Harpham said that presently services sectors such as consultancy, aerospace, IT, retail and telecommunications rank as the highest users of certified project management systems, noting that these sectors play a vital role in the UAE’s output.

“The upcoming APMG Showcase enables an environment for learning by encouraging participation in roundtables, dialogue and interaction,” Harpham concluded.

More than 200 management professionals, decision makers, influencers and industry names are expected to gather at the event ready to share success stories of methods and concepts, benefits achieved and the future of the sector in the region.

The inaugural APMG-International Showcase is set to take place September 9 at the British University in Dubai and will highlight Change, Project and Risk Management.

The global APMG-International Showcase Series reflects the wide range of knowledge-based management disciplines and topics in sync with APMG-International’s well-known portfolio of qualification schemes. 

Showcases are held in several regions around the world each year, including Europe, North America, India, China, the UK and Australasia. The management disciplines covered may vary by event, but the international series typically includes Project, Programme & Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Change Management & IT Service Management.


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The UAE’s service sector plays a vital role towards the contribution of the nations’ GDP with figures on par with most developed world economies, according to Alan Harpham, Chairman of APMG-International.

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