Expat Indians' bounced cheque cases rise by 178% in Dubai

Serious criminal offences by Indians drop from 256 in 2009 to 204 in 2010

Economic offences such as cases involving bounced cheques  among the Indian community in Dubai have increased by a massive 178 per cent since 2009, Chief of Dubai police has warned.

From a mere 7,545 cases in 2009 the number of cases increased by a massive 215 per cent in just one year increasing to 23,825 by 2010. The following year although the number dropped to 20,983 cases, there does not seem to any major drop in 2012.

According to latest statistics that was made available by Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Chief of Dubai Police, until June 25, 2012 the number of cheque bounce cases among the Indians in Dubai stood at 10,239.

He also urged those involved in such cases to try and find a solution to solve the case, rather than running away from the country. “There is always a mechanism to solve such cases. I have known many such businessmen who have worked out alternate schemes and phased payments, rather than just running away and being a fugitive for the rest of your life,” he warned.

However he was all praise for the law-abiding nature of Indians living in Dubai. This was reflected in the continuing drop in the number of serious criminal offences against Indian nationals living in the country.

Lt Gen Tamim pointed out that the number of serious criminal offences by Indians had dropped from 256 in 2009 to 204 in 2010 and 195 in 2011. So far in 2012 the number stood at 98.

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