Government spending amounts to Dh8.92bn in Q1

The actual spending of federal departments amounted to AED8.92 billion during Q1 2017, with a 100 percent budget execution rate, according to a Ministry of Finance report.

The Service Sector spending hit AED3.207 billion, which accounts for 36.96 percent of Q1 total spending, while AED2.384 billion went to the Public Order and Safety Affairs Sector- 26.73 percent. Accordingly, the two sectors make up 62.7 percent of total expenditure, with the Education Sector getting 14.5 percent, i.e. AED1.293 billion, then came the Health Sector with 8.94 percent, or about AED797 million while Social Security spending amounted to 8.43 percent or AED752 million.

Spending over the Economic Affairs Sector reached AED258 million, or 2.9 percent by the end of Q1, with the Housing and Community Facilities Sector receiving AED78 million, 0.87 percent, while AED53 million, 0.59 percent, was spent over environmental protection, AED42 million over the leisure, culture and religion, which accounts for 0.47 percent of total spending.

The Ministry regularly provides all analytical financial data assessing the performance of federal departments in alignment with international practices and out of its commitment to ensure transparency standards. The practice also follows the rulings of Articles 9 and 50 of Federal Law No 8 of 2011 on the rules of preparing the general budget, balance sheet, final accounts, expenditure spending and revenue collection, before raising periodical reports to the Cabinet on this score.