Indians, invest in Dubai: Dahi

The emirate will have no competition for the next 25 years

Invest in Dubai. The city will have no competition whatsoever for the next 25 years and will lead all other metropolises in the region, The Chief of Dubai Police said.

He was addressing Indian Businessmen living and working in the UAE on Wednesday.

“Be it lifestyle, economic growth, hospitality, access to healthcare, education and security, Dubai will continue to excel and provide the best possible service. So businessmen looking for opportunities should look at Dubai,” said Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim, chief of Dubai Police.

Warning Indian businessmen about aggressive Chinese expansion within the region, he said, “Compared to may be five years ago, today we are witnessing much more Chinese presence in the UAE. They are aware of the opportunities here and are using Dubai as their re-export hub. I do not want the Indian businessmen to fall behind. India and the UAE has had a healthy relationship and Indian businessmen have been here since several decades. The relationship should only gain momentum,” he argued.

Giving an example of how investing in Dubai can give companies global recognition he said, global technology giant Siemens, which had never worked on a police operations room ever, were awarded their first such contract by the Dubai police based on competitive bidding.

“Not only did they complete the task at one third of what the others had initially quoted, following the completion of the project they received orders from to build about 250 such facilities across the world. Not just a police chief from Europe even wanted the Siemens branch in Dubai to take up the task,” he added.

Referring to another milestone he said, in 2007 Dubai was positioned fourth highest in the number of traffic cases, compared to other major cities in the world. “There were 21.7 offenses for every 100,000 people living in the City. We were next only to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Malaysia. We sat together, brainstormed and put a policy together and I am glad to tell you that today we are among the last three cities with least accidents. We have reduced our numbers to just 3.97 offences by the end of 2011,” he said. According to him the target is to reduce the number to zero by 2020.

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