iPhone 5 secrets revealed...

Will there be more secrets about the iPhone5 and its features that has not yet been revealed so far? There is no doubt that more leaks will come by as September 12  - the day Apple is expected to launch its next generation phone nears.

From a larger screen size to change in the dock pin, almost everything including the launch date of the forthcoming device has already been leaked, debated and discussed a hundred times.

Apple has always benefitted from the hype media creates prior to the launch of any of its devices.

What makes this season more interesting is the launch of two or three new devices within a span of two to three months.

First the iPhone5 is expected to be announced on September 12.

The anticipation and expectation of the new phone is so high that apple’s shares increased in value making it the most valuable company ever with a market capitalization of more than $622 billion. On Monday the company’s stock closed at $665.15 on Wall Street.

Experts believe that the current increase in share prices (by 25 per cent during the last three months) is mainly due to the anticipation for the launch of its iPhone5 and the iPad mini.

Meanwhile, Emirates 247 lists some of the top few rumours doing the round about the iPhone5.

Larger display

It is almost confirmed that the iPhone5 will have a larger screen compared to the previous versions.

Several leaked images have shown that the new phone will have a 4” display compared to the 3.5” of the iPhone 4S.

Latest reports say the new device will have a resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels, and boost the aspect ratio to 16:9.

Slimmer device

It has been reported that the new iPhone5 will be much slimmer compared to the iPhone 4S. Emirates 247 had earlier reported about the engineering sample which the tech site Tech site, Gotta Be Mobile had reported quoting a 'trusted source' in China.

The new phone is expected to be 7.9mm in thickness compared to 9.3mm found on the iPhone 4S.

Improved processor

There are conflicting reports about the processor Apple could use on its new iPhone with some reports claiming that the iPhone5 could be moving on to a quad-core processor – the A6 while many other say Apple could only tweak its current A5 processor.

The Iphone 4S has been operating on the A5 processor. It upgraded the new iPad onto the A5X. The new A6 processor, reports indicate will be a 28-nanometer process and is expected to consume very less energy and generate higher speed.

A report by 9to5mac however says the new phone will have a Darwin Kernel Version 13.0.0 and powered by Samsung’s ARM S5L8950X processor a higher version compared to the processors used in both the iPhone4S and the new Ipad.

The site however adds that the new processor will still be called the A5**** and not A6.

Improved battery

According to reports, Apple could be using a new battery pack for the for the iPhone5 with a much higher capacity, compared to what as used in the iPhone4S and in any of its earlier models.

The new battery,  9to5mac.com says will have a capacity of 1440 mAh (milli ampere hour a measure of a battery's energy storage capacity). The battery in the iPhone 4S had a capacity of 1430 mAh. It also adds that the new battery will have a higher voltage of 3.8 compared to 3.7 on the iPhone 4S and an increased wHr (watts-per-hour) at 5.45 wHr, compared to 5.3 on the iPhone 4S.

Smaller Dock Connector

It has now been almost confirmed that the iPhone5 will have a smaller dock connector.

Emirates 247 had earlier reported details about new iPhone designs that emerged with a much smaller syncing and charging port – a 19 pin dock - compared to the 30 pin dock port that is currently being used in iPhones, iPads and iPhones.

Among the other design changes would be a change in the positioning of the front camera, redesigned speaker grills, repositioned earphone jack.

A video by E Trader shows details about the redesign.

All of these means users will have to invest in additional accessories for the new device such as new car chargers.

HD front Camera

The iPhone4S has an impressive 8MP camera at the back but its front facing camera has been of VGA quality.

The iPhone5 although will not introduce any major changes to the main back camera, it is being reported that the front cam will undergo a massive facelift.

A recent report quoting an investor note prepared by KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo says the new front-facing camera will be capable of HD resolution.

Tech Blog AppleInsider quoted Kuo and says the front camera will also have a flip-chip (FC) solution and that the camera will be positioned at the middle of the frame.

Meanwhile one innovative iPhone5 promo or rather a parody, even suggests that the phone could be a DSLR camera. Check out the video uploaded on Youtube.

4G LTE Comaptable


It was widely expected that the iPhone4S would be 4G compatible. But to everyone’s disappointment it could only handle 3G. But then Apple introduce its new iPad with 4G LTE and there is no reason why the next generation iPhone should not come powered with 4G capability.

Recent developments have given further credence to rumours that the iPhone5 will infact be 4G LTE compatible.

A recent Engadget report even suggests that such a device was being tested by carriers in the United States.

Another tech blog CultofMac has reported that the iPhone5 will support UK’s first 4G network by Everything Everywhere at launch.

Everything Everywhere has obtained permission to rollout out the country’s first 4G network from September 11, a day before Apple is expected to launch its new phone.

While the 4G LTE on the new iPad only works on 700Mhz spectrum it is expected that the new iPhone will support 4G LTE on 1800MHz spectrum that Everything Everywhere offers. That’s good news for UAE customers as well. Both Etisalat and du offer 4G LTE.

Fingerprint recognition technology

In July Apple acquired AuthenTec, a company that specializes in making smart sensors including fingerprint sensors used in PCs and laptops.

The acquisition at a cost of $356 million gave rise to speculations that Apple plans to incorporate fingerprint recognition into all its future devises including the iPhone5.

The technology would be of immense use when associated with the Near Field Communication (NFC) used to make mobile payments. Apple has already announced that the iOS6 will include its Passbook that can be used as a digital wallet to store user’s tickets, loyalty cards, coupons and passes. Apple could use the NFC technology to function along with its Passbook.


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