Is the new iPhone going to be released on June 15?

The countdown has begun...

With the launch of the new iPad done and dusted, in true Apple tradition, it’s time to take a shot at the next big rollout.

And the good news is that the iClouds surrounding the rumours regarding Apple’s iPhone 5 release date are clearing out a wee bit, with a probable date emerging from all the noises being made about its debut.

Until now, anticipated release dates for the iPhone 5 (rumoured to be tagged as just the ‘new iPhone’), fluctuated between summer and fall.

However, some recent developments – and a good amount of common sense – suggest that it will be a summer release rather than a fall one.

The recent developments include Apple CEO Tim Cook’s unprecedented visit to the technology giant’s iPhone production plant in China, run by Foxconn Technology Group. Unprecedented because not only was this Cook’s first visit to China, it was also the first time ever for an Apple CEO to visit its Chinese plant (Steve Jobs was said to be too arrogant to even consider such a visit).

Then of course there is this simultaneous buzz about Foxconn looking to recruit up to 20,000 workers for its plants – a clear sign that the manufacturing unit needs additional hands to churn out the extra devices that will be demanded by Apple’s ardent aficionados. Just look at how we’ve lapped up the hot new iPad (pun intended) to get an idea of the demand for the new iPhone.

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That’s all fine, but what about the D-date? Yes, let’s apply a bit of common sense here. As we all know – or think that we know – Apple is planning to roll out its next operating system, the iOS 6, on June 11, during the first day of what many believe will be its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple’s traditional developers’ expo.

Now, it’s a week-long conference (Monday to Friday), which Apple will initiate with a bang – the launch of the iOS 6 on Monday, June 11 – and would want to close with a bigger bang. Now let’s scratch our heads and think… what could that bigger bang be? Hmmmmm?

You guessed it – right now, there is nothing more potent in Apple’s arsenal (product pipeline, if you will) than the impending, much-awaited and most rumoured iPhone 5.

And that’s what many of us believe – or would like to believe. According to newswire Reuters, the new iPhone is set to be launched around the second quarter. That further gives wings to the June-15-launch-date theory.

More substantiation of an impending launch was offered recently with rumours about Texas Instruments working on a host of power management chips for the iPhone 5.

So, there’s proof enough, methinks, that this Apple pie is closer to being served than many believe. How good will it be? Well, the proof of the pudding (or the Apple pie, if you insist) will be in eating, and right now, as you read this, a worker on a production line in China is busy putting together the device which may find its way into your hands.

Click here to read what’s new in the new iPhone 5

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