More on the iPhone 5-beater Samsung S3...

Gizmodo’s Brazilian site leaks pictures as well

You can now beat the race and be the first to get the new Samsung S3 the latest android device that is fast emerging as the best alternate to the new iPhone5.

While Samsung is officially set to release the new S3 ahead of Apple’s new iPhone, on May 3, Amazon in Germany has already listed the product for pre-order. has listed the product for €599 (Dh2,906) with features a 12Megapixel camera a 4.7-inch Super Amoled screen, 16GB of internal storage apart from a micro SD card slot.

Although the website has not displayed any images for the new product, Gizmodo Brazil has listed (not so great) images on its website.

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According to online tech blog site Boy Genius Reports (BGR) the phone could well be the official device of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Samsung has planned a launch event in London on May 3 and it is widely believed that the company will launch its new phone on the occasion.

The website also quotes sources and says that there could be simultaneous launches in Dubai, Ney York City and Seoul.

An invitation for the London event simply reads: “Come and meet the next Galaxy.”

Specs' forecast

There are quite a few rumours on the specifications of the new SIII, with some predicting that it will come in two colours – one in blue and black and the second in white.

The other predicted features are a 16GB and 32GB handsets aprt from full HD display a quad-core Exynos processor and integrated 4G LTE.

There were reports earlier that the new S3 might include a new human interaction feature that will use the front camera to keep track of the user’s eye movement and lock the screen accordingly.

Reports also indicate that the new smartphone will feature a 4.7-inch display and have features that could almost match the Apple’s Retina Display.

The Exynos Quad.-core 1.5GHz processing chip along with 1GB of RAM would bring the S3 closer to the best in business.

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