New aircraft management service company Rakjet launched in UAE

Hugh Courtenay, Founder and CEO of Rakjet (Supplied)

A new company under the name of Rakjet has been launched in the UAE, catering to all aspects of private aircraft management, aircraft sales and acquisitions.

Based in the UAE, Rakjet will target the skyrocketing demand among Gulf aircraft owners for feasible deals.

The new company has been promoted by Private Jet Charter (PJC), an independent private jet charter brokers, and Jet Connections, a UK-based company specialising in private aircraft management, sales and acquisition.

“Rakjet will offer complete private aviation solutions, guaranteed to ensure clients’ comfort and safety,” said Hugh Courtenay, Founder of Rakjet.

“Leveraging on its alliance with Private Jet Charter, Rakjet has an operational reach that extends around the globe. We are in a position to provide comprehensive management, charter, administrative, and financial services to our clientele,” added Zaher Deir, Managing Director, Rakjet.

“Rakjet serves destinations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, helping boost the growth of travel and tourism in the UAE and the wider Gulf region,” added Courtenay.

“We work with maintenance facilities from around the world so you can rest assured that your aircraft will remain in the best hands, at all times. Our established partnerships with leading suppliers in the industry also allow us to pass on special rates on insurance, maintenance and fuel, amongst other overheads,” Deir added.

Rakjet will offer the owners of their managed aircraft the chance to offset their aircraft operating cost by putting their aircraft out for charter during ideal times and while the aircraft is not being used by the owner.