Now, Apple plans to tweak iPod Touch and Nano designs

iPod Touch expected to be much larger with 4-inch screen

Apple’s redesign streak continues with reports now claiming that the iPod Touch and iPod Nano could sport new designs and probably be launched this fall.

The iPod Touch is expected to be much larger with a 4-inch screen similar to that planned by Apple for iPhone 5.

According to a report in Macotakara the new iPod Touch will have the A5 processor similar to the iPhone 4S. The report quotes an Asian source to add that the back case will also be changed to aluminum with two different colour variants of white and black.

The new Touch design also incorporates the in-cell touch display technology that is rumoured to be used in the new iPhone. The use of in-cell touch panels will eliminate the need for an additional on-cell glass panels that were being used until now for greater touch functions.

The in-cell touch panels integrate the touch functions directly into the TFT screen, making the device much thinner and cost-effective.

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