5,000 new viruses released per second

Unless the virus definition is up to date and able to quickly incorporate the defense mechanism, its effectiveness will be diminished

About 5,000 viruses are introduced into the system every second across the globe, according to the CEO of an anti-virus software company.

"The Middle East and the GCC are fast emerging as contributors to the everyday addition of viruses," said Vladislav Nemec, CEO of TrustPort.

According to him, the company is setting up a base in the UAE specifically with an aim to track viruses emerging from the region.

“According to recent statistics, we have about 5,000 new viruses being released every second and unless the virus definition is up to date and able to quickly incorporate the defence mechanism, its effectiveness will be greatly diminished,” he said.

“The very reason we decided to set up our office here is to track the viruses emerging from the region. The other reason is to expand our operations and customer base here,” he added.

The most common cause of hacking according to him, “is our own irresponsible behaviour. So many of us use our e-mail to login to social network sites and use the same password. A common password for all sites increases the threat,” he added.

According to him although TrustPort was launched just three years ago it has made significant inroads into the antivirus industry.

“Within the first three years of starting our operations, we have managed to become the number one virus definition provider. We are not claiming this. The most reputed independent analysts Virus Bulletin and AV Comparison in their reports have ranked us the best in terms of viruses and spyware detection."

According to him it is a tough task to compete in an already overcrowded market.

“The number of players has increased from a mere 39 in April 2009 to 60 at present,” he added.

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