50-inch 3D Plasma TV@Dh2,999: Display models at half price

Companies slash prices, but retail stores might only offer you 30 per cent off (and it’s still a bargain)

Here’s your chance to buy a brand new television at half its market value.

Major brands have decided to sell their display models at discounts that are as high as 50 per cent to customers.

According to information made available to Emirates 24|7, several major television brands, including Panasonic, Samsung and LG, have told retailers to sell 2011 models that have been used as display units at 50 per cent discount.

Which means, an LG LW6510 which is a 55” full HD LED 3D TV can now be purchased for just Dh4,499 as against original retail value of Dh8,999.

Similarly the Panasonic ST30, the 50“ Plasma 3D TV originally priced at Dh5,999, can be obtained for Dh2,999.

However, when Emirates 247 called retail stores we were told that the final decision to extend the same offer to retail customers would be made by store managers.

“Not all stores are extending the same offer to customers, despite instructions from principles. The maximum discounts being offered are up to 30 per cent,” said a merchandiser at Sharaf DG.

According to him, display units mostly go on sale during June and July.

“That’s the time when the best offers are available on old discontinued models,” he added.

Speaking about the LG 2011 model an LG merchandiser at a leading retail store said, “The main attraction of the TV is its very high contrast, flicker-free 3D quality and the fact that you do not need battery-operated 3D glasses.”

3D TV price war to send prices crashing

A price war is brewing in the 3D television segment, with prices set to fall by 2012-end.

LG Electronics, currently selling 3D TVs in the UAE within the $1000 to $5000 range, expects a price decline of between 10 and 20 per cent by the year-end.

“Prices will always go down due to technological advances.

We expect 10 to 20 per cent decline in prices for same product.

But, we want to maintain prices, so we upgrade - feature, function and design-wise,” Duk Young Kim, President, LG Electronics Gulf, told Emirates 24|7 on Sunday after launching 2012 Cinema 3D Smart TV lineup.

The 3D ultra-thin Bezel TV includes a 2D to 3D conversion engine.

The 55-inch TV in the series is being sold for Dh15,000.

According to the company, the new technology in the "smart" lineup allows users to adjust the depth, or the distance between the on-screen objects, of a 3D movie or TV show they are watching.

It also includes a wireless display feature that enables easy and quick connection between TV and personal computer with Intel’s WiDi technology.

The Korean chaebol (conglomerate) claims to have a 40 per cent market share in the 3D TV segment in the UAE.

James Kim, Product Manager/TV Division, LG Electronics, said that the total market size of 3D TVs is likely to jump significantly to 20 per cent by year-end from a mere five per cent in first quarter 2011, with estimated sales of 200,000 units.

Although Japan’s Toshiba has announced plans to launch glass-free 3D TVs, LG is unlikely to be left behind.

“Definitely, we are the leaders.

“I cannot say the right time, but we are on the way of introducing 3D TVs without glasses,” Duk Young Kim informed.


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