Abu Dhabi shopper, last day deals: Samsung S4 prices drop; Buy TV get BMW free


Samsung Galaxy S4 prices dropped by almost Dh500 at the Abu Dhabi Electronics Shopper, which closes today.

Some retail units at the shopper are selling the S4 for Dh1499, compared to Dh2050 elsewhere.

The price drop is mainly due to the launch of the Galaxy S5 at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress this week and its availability in the UAE soon.

An iPhone 5S can be purchased for Dh2,499 at the Abu Dhabi Electronics Shopper.

Meanwhile, Etisalat has launched another offer, which further brings down the prices by an additional Dh300 on any model.

Any person with a valid credit card can opt for a postpaid plan with a minimum commitment of Dh100 per month that provides them with 50 flexible minutes and 50mb data along with either 200 local or international minutes or additional 1GB of data.

Some retailers were urging the customers to opt for the plan and get the Dh300 discount and later opt of the prepaid plan after a month. “They still stand to gain a Dh200 discount,” said a promoter from EMax.

The etisalat offer means an iPhone can be purchased for Dh2,199, Samsung Note 3 (3G) for Dh1,849.

One of the stores was offering a BlackBerry Q10 Gold edition priced for Dh1999 against the actual price of Dh3399.

“We just have two more units left,” said the staff at Costless Electronics one of the new entrants to the Shopper arena.

Traditional players like Sharaf DG, EMax and ECity have all put up medium sized stands.

Samsung and Huawei have also put up dedicated stands at the venue showcasing their range of products. One of the products at the Samsung stand is the 12.2 inch Galaxy Note Pro that is yet to be launched in the Middle East. 

The $750 device is being marketed as a replacement for the traditional laptop or a notebook and an attempt by Samsung to take on the Windows based device. The device runs on a 1.9GHz quad-core ARM Cortex A15 chip.

Apart from smartphones and tablets decent deals are on Smart TVs and DSLR cameras.

The price of a 40-inch LED TV starts at Dh1,499.

Buy a TV and get a car free or it could well be the other way around. Pay Dh158,999 and buy an LG 65 inch ultra HD TV and along with it comes the BMW Z4 for free.

Similarly, Sharaf DG has an offer where for Dh194,999 you can get a Sharp 80-inch full HD TV along with a BMW 520i. The car is priced between Dh198,000 to 220,000.