And Apple's new iPhone is called the... iPhone5, iPhone4G, iPhone5.2…

Naming protocol could be key factor in brand positioning

The day is almost here.

Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone and the million dollar question is will it be called the iPhone5?

Although the world has popularly referred to the phone as iPhone5 it is not necessary that the phone should be called by that name.

Firstly, this is the sixth phone that Apple is releasing since it launched the iPhone.

In fact, the iPhone4S was widely expected to be called as the iPhone5.

The possible names Apple could choose vary from iPhone6 to the new iPhone or iPhone4G as this would be the first phone with universal 4G connectivity.

However, according to a recent report, Apple might even call the new phone by what the world has been calling it.

A report by Tech Radar said a screen grab of a server log obtained by a source recently “listed a model called "iPhone5,2" – which apparently exists alongside "iPhone5,1" – two models Apple was supposedly testing.”

Apple also managed to win the<> domain name which was being used as a message board for iPhone-related discussions, giving further credence that iPhone5 is what apple could call the new phone.

Meanwhile, preparations are almost complete for the media event scheduled at the Yerba Buena center tomorrow for the widely awaited launch.

The decoration of the front facade of the center is complete and according to Macrumours the facade show stretched iOS icons–including that of Game Center, iTunes, Music and App Store.


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