Apple ban on Samsung phones will see Galaxy S3 prices soar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, you’ll know that Apple has scored a major legal victory over its arch-rival Samsung in that the Federal Court of the Northern District of Southern California has awarded Samsung a $1.05 billion fine for infringing on Apple’s design and utility patents.

While the court found out that 28 of Samsung’s devices were treading on Apple’s toes, Apple itself is seeking to ban just eight of such devices, perhaps recognising the folly of banning products that are already out of production and therefore not on sale in any case.

Let’s first look at which of Samsung’s devices (all of them are currently on sale) is Apple going after:

  1. Galaxy S 4G (for violating 2 design patents, 3 utility patents, and 2 ‘trade dress’ or packaging rights)
  2. Galaxy S2 AT&T (for violating 1 design patent and 3 utility patents)
  3. Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (for violating 1 design patent)
  4. Galaxy S2 T-Mobile (for violating 1 design patent and 2 utility patents)
  5. Galaxy S2 Epic 4G (for violating 1 design patent)
  6. Galaxy S Showcase (for violating 2 design patents and 2 ‘trade dress’ or packaging rights)
  7. Droid Charge (for violating 1 design patent and 3 utility patents)
  8. Galaxy Prevail (for violating 3 utility patents)

While the injunction hearing for the eight smartphones is slated for September 20, it is notable that the list does not include Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S3, which is the South Korean company’s bread-and-butter device at the moment and is selling like hotcakes.

Provided that Apple will be able to get an injunction on the S2 (and others) by September 20 (or thereabouts) and a ban on its sale comes into effect soon after that, sales of the Asian giant’s Galaxy S3 are bound to get an immediate shot in the arm.

That’s because even as Samsung would have fallen over itself in the previous weeks to clear its inventory of the S2 by slashing prices and offering deals and discounts, the demand for the S2 will eventually trickle over to the S3, which will inevitably see sales being pushed up in the aftermath of the ban.

Now, Apple might, at some stage, try to widen the scope of this verdict and want to include the Galaxy S3 in the ban – but that may or may not turn out to be a cakewalk for the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Until then, in any case, sales of the S3 may well continue to swell.


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