Apple hiring in UAE: Click for jobs, pay

Apple says its goal is to achieve a net-zero impact on the world’s supply of sustainable virgin fibre and power all its operations worldwide on 100 per cent renewable energy. (AP)

iPhone-maker Apple is looking to hire for several positions in the UAE, in sales, marketing and retail functions.
The company has several vacancies in its corporate and retail departments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which it is looking to fill.

Apple is said to be in the process of opening up the world’s largest Apple Store in a mall in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, and has included various positions for the same.

In addition, the world’s largest and most profitable company also recently opened its regional headquarters in Emaar Square in Dubai, and has several vacancies lined up for jobs at the regional HQ.

Positions like business specialist, creative (instructor), inventory specialist, Apple Store leader program, business manager, service specialist, PR manager, budget coordinator and several others are currently being advertised to candidates.

Among some of the quirky job titles that Apple is expecting to bestow upon UAE residents is 'Expert' and 'Genius' besides the more mundane ones like account manager, market leader, content manager, traffic manager, video producer and several more.

The salaries for the advertised roles have not been specified but according to website Business Vibes, an industrial designer is perhaps the highest paid on their list, which is based on the figures taken from GlassDoor.

According to this report, an industrial designer earns an average $167,260 (Dh614,346) per annum, which works out to Dh51,000 per month.

However, these figures are based on the data that was shared voluntarily by anonymous Apple employees on

Moreover, these are salaries of employees in the US and may differ from those employed in the UAE and elsewhere.

Last year, Apple was also in news for giving its employees new and updated benefits, which included longer parental leave, education reimbursements for all classes taken by employees, subsidised student loan refinancing and full acceleration of stock in the event of an employee’s death.

According to employee reviews, working at Apple is challenging and rewarding, but comes with a zero work/life balance. It’s been defined as a most satisfying, most difficult and most rewarding job ever.

According to the latest 2014 Best Global Brands annual report, Apple Inc. was once again named the most valuable brand in the world – beating other popular rivals including Google, Coca-Cola and IBM. However, it has been ranked number 55 on the Forbes America’s best employers list.

Reports now value Apple at $178 billion (Dh654bn), and this puts it on a par with the gross domestic product of a country like New Zealand, according to the most recent World Bank data.

If it were a country, it’d be the 55th richest in the world.

If you do wish to work for the firm, click here to check out jobs, roles descriptions and qualifications for UAE candidates that the Cupertino-based company is looking for.


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