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Apple in a fix: Macs are freezing, iTunes deleting music on its own

It appears that Apple has new problems to deal with. Scores of Mac users who updated their OS to the latest 10. 11.4 are complaining their systems are freezing, requiring a reboot to start functioning again.

While the news was initially about MacBook Pro models especially the 13-inch versions with a few 15-inch versions also being affected, several users on social media are complaining about other models of Mac also being affected.

Apple released its third update to its latest OS on March 21 and the complaints have been pouring in ever since. Users posting on various forums including the one on MacRumors are complaining about the freeze when browsing using Safari as well as other third-party browsers, while using multiple applications including Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Users say the freeze affects the mouse cursor, force touch keypad as well as the display, thereby requiring a reboot of the system. Meanwhile several users say they are even reversing the latest software update to return to the previous version.

One user who even uploaded a YouTube Video and posted a link on the MacRumors forum about the problem.

This is not the first time Apple is facing issues with Mac. Earlier this year, several users of iOS on Mac as well as other Apple devices including the iPhone had issues with Safari when the browser just crashed when users tried to click on the url button. The issue was eventually resolved with Apple releasing a fix.

Meanwhile, Apple has so far not issued any statements about the current problem but according to reports is working towards resolving the problem.

Separately, Apple is also working on another issue that has been affecting some small percentage of users who experienced issues with their iTunes, after their complete music library went missing, only to find out later that iTunes had deleted the entire collection without the user's permission.

According to a statement issued by Apple to The Loop, the incident could be a one off and faced by "an extremely small number of cases users." Apple also says it is working on the issue and would soon release an update for iTunes.