Apple iPhone 5 redesign to stave off Samsung?

Consumer pressure against leaked specs of smaller dock port might also play a factor

Will Apple redesign iPhone 5 following consumer pressure against leaked specs of a smaller dock port?

Apple users say they hate to change their charging docks and have warned the tech giant that they would hate any product that would force them to buy new chargers and other accessories.

Internet sites have been full of scornful reactions ever since leaked images of the redesigned iPhone5 emerged a few weeks ago. The new iPhone design has a much smaller syncing and charging port a 19 pin port, compared to the 30 pin dock port that is currently being used in iPhones, iPads and iPhones.

Leaked images on the tech blog 9to5Mac showcases a new metal back cases of the new iPhone.

The new design would also include the earphone jack moving to a corner at the bottom of the case.

If the new design is implemented users will not only have to change the chargers, it would mean music players, and car chargers, now universally used across all mobile products from Apple would remain useless.

Jon Lambert commenting on a tech blog about the change states, “Changing the dock connector to something like micro usb would also make it easier to leave the apple ecosystem because there wouldn't be the cost of buying all new accessories associated with that, and making it easy to leave is not in Apple's interest.”

Another users comments read, “That would be horrible. I'm all for innovation, but there's SO MUCH STUFF made specifically for the 30-pin Dock Connector.”

So far there has been no reaction from Apple. With so much at stake it would be interesting to see if Apple would go ahead with the design change?


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