Apple rolls out iOS 7.1 update


Apple has rolled out a crucial update to the iPhone’s iOS 7.0 operating system that makes it easier to connect your device to the in-car entertainment system.

If you happen to own an iPhone 5 or later models and own either a  Volvo XC90 or any of the Mercedes-Benz C class vehicles, do not forget to pair your iPhone. You can not only connect your phone but also messages, maps and several other third party music apps.

Through the new iOS 7.1 Apple has also made improvements on the finger print scanner and Siri voice assistant through the latest update.

There are some design changes as well as Apple has tweaked the incoming call notification screen to round boxes rather than squares. BlackBerry, too, had during a recent update to the OS introduced a similar change.

The new update also makes it easier for the iPhone users to use their device with the latest iOS 7.1 update. The camera will now differentiate between the older and newer model enabling the iPhone 5S users to automatically enable HDR photos. Your Facetime  notifications are now synced across all your iOS devices.

There are updates to the calendar as well. Now you can easily enable month view, and country specific calendars are pushed onto the device.

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