Apple’s iPhone 5 to be released in August?

For all those who thought October was too long to wait for the next new iPhone, here’s some good news. 

Apple is planning to release the iPhone 5 in August, two months ahead of schedule. 

The firm is facing stiff competition from Samsung, especially the Galaxy S3 smartphone, moves are afoot to hit back at the Korean electronics giant. 

Taiwan’s Central News Agency quoting local media said shares of Taiwanese suppliers to Apple had moved up following the reports. 

It was originally expected that Apple would release the iPhone 5 in October, like it did last year when it released the iPhone 4S. 

However, with growing competition from Samsung electronics it is no surprise that Apple wants to get into the race much earlier. 

Earlier, a top Samsung executive was quoted by Reuters saying that the company expects sales of its Galaxy S3 to exceed 10 million units by the end of July, making it the fastest-selling device. 

JK Shin, head of Samsung’s mobile division is reported to have told journalists that Samsung expects second-quarter results to be better than its first quarter – during which it nearly doubled its profits from a year earlier. 

Meanwhile, Apple’s battles with Samsung within the United States continue with a judge banning the sale of Samsung Nexus smart phone within the US. 

The same judge - Lucy Koh in San Jose, California on Tuesday had blocked the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 computer in the patent and trademark-infringement lawsuit over smartphones and tablets.

Apple pays $76m to settle China iPad case

SHANGHAI Apple Inc has paid $60 million (S$76 million) to Proview Technology (Shenzhen) to end a dispute over the iPad trademark in China that saw the world's most valuable technology company engaged in a protracted legal tussle with a near-bankrupt Chinese firm.

The announcement of the court-mediated settlement was made on the web site of the Higher People's Court of Guangdong province.

Apple and Proview Technology (Shenzhen), a unit of Hong Kong-listed Proview International Holdings Ltd, have been negotiating to reach a settlement since the Higher People's Court of Guangzhou in February conducted a crucial hearing on the case.

The case moved to the high court after the Intermediate People's Court in Shenzhen rejected Apple's complaint against Proview Technology over the infringement case.

The lawsuit had hampered some sales and delayed the launch of the new iPad in China. Prior to the launch, Proview requested Chinese authorities in scores of Chinese cities to order re-sellers to take all iPads off their shelves.

The iPad dominates China's tablet PC market with a more than 70 per cent market share, though Lenovo Group Ltd's Lepads and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd's Galaxy Tabs have been gaining traction.

Apple is experiencing heady growth in Greater China - China, Hong Kong and Taiwan - with second-quarter sales in the region increasing several fold to US$7.9 billion.




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