Apple's iTunes killer coming to UAE: 30 million free songs on Xbox Music

Microsoft will allow users access to 30 million songs free for online streaming.

The service will be available soon in the UAE after the initial launch in 22 countries.

The free service will include advertisements as well, but those who want an ad-free stream can subscribe to the service by purchasing an Xbox Pass for $9.99.

Those who own a Windows 7 phone will unfortunately be forced to continue using Zune, which streams music on Windows devices. 

For access to Xbox Music you will have to own either an Xbox or a Windows 8 product, or the soon to be launched Windows RT tablets.

In what can be seen as a clear take on Apple’s iTunes (and even the likes of Spotify), Microsoft is moving to the music stream, allowing users to download or listen to music across all platforms, including mobile phones and tablets.

“Millions of songs to discover, stream, download and own for your tablet, PC, TV and phone. Create playlists, stream or download your favorite songs, or create artist-based stations discover new music you’ll love. Xbox Music does it all,” says a statement by Microsoft.



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